The online Master of Human Resource Management program will consist of 30 credit hours. Twenty-one of the hours will be composed of eight required courses. The remaining nine hours will be composed of elective courses. If students are more interested in research, they can choose six credit hours of research.

Core Classes - 21 total credit hours

HRM 803 - HRM Analytics

Provides an introduction to HR data management, commonly available data sources within organizations, different statistical techniques to analyze data and common pitfalls. (3 credit hours)

HRM 866 - Selection

Focuses on the acquisition and deployment of human assets by organizations. Topics covered include hiring, firing, promoting, and outsourcing. (3 credit hours)

HRM 868 - Rewards

Focuses on how individuals and groups perceive compensation, benefits, and other rewards they receive from employments. The course presents and analyzes performance management systems. (3 credit hours)

HRM 869 - Talent Development

Assessing and developing the organization's human assets via training and development. The course covers both micro issues and macro issues, including the learning organization. (3 credit hours)

HRM 665 - Employment Law

Legal issues involved in hiring and employment, including lawful hiring practices, discrimination and harassment law, performance reviews, termination, labor laws, labor relations and other legal issues. (3 credit hours)

HRM 885 - Strategic HRM

An introduction to the strategic view of HR. Students are taught to adopt a systems perspective and attend to multiple stakeholders. Emphasizes the importance of understanding the many forces that shape a firm's approach to managing human resources and the positioning of the HR function as a strategic partner. The course focuses on the intersection of HRM, business policy, and competitive strategy. (3 credit hours)

MGMT 862 - Organizational Behavior

The study of individual and group behavior as it impacts organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. Applies concepts such as motivation, personality, job attitudes, interpersonal relations, teams, organizational culture and leadership/influence to organizational settings, emphasizing integration and application of concepts. Prerequisite: MBA 801 or equivalent. (3 credit hours)

The remaining 9 credit hours come from the list of electives.

Electives - 9 total credit hours

IB 836 - International Business & Competition

An introduction to international business administration with particular attention to the development of multinational business strategies in light of the diverse economic, political, social and cultural dimensions of the environments that exist in both developed and developing areas of the world. (3 credit hours)

BLAW 810 - Law and Ethics for Business

An understanding of the foundational principles of the legal system and the laws that impact business is essential to the business leader. Course provides an overview of the legal system and dispute resolution procedures, and covers specific legal topics of particular importance to business leaders, including contracts, torts, constitutional law, product liability, intellectual property, employment law, business entities and business regulation. It introduces students to ethical decision making processes, the major philosophical traditions in ethical theory, as well as principles of corporate governance, corporate responsibility and sustainability. The focus is on stimulating analytical thinking and class discussion about how to apply ethical principles to practical business situations.  (3 credit hours)

MGMT 662 - Managing in Diverse Organizations

Modern organizations face the challenge of managing employees with diverse backgrounds and talents to provide products and services to diverse customers. Course examines workforce diversity from the perspective of maximizing its benefits to group and organizational effectiveness, including developing skills to facilitate the constructive resolution of conflict, encouraging cooperation and teamwork, and enhancing identification with the work unit. (3 credit hours)

MKT 803 - Marketing Analysis

An application of the scientific method to the design and implementation of research procedures that support the need for management decision making, planning and strategy development in the marketplace. Prerequisite: MBA 801 or equivalent. (3 credit hours)

DS 850 - Operations Management  

Develops an understanding of the operations function in a business and how it interfaces with other major functions in business. Students gain an appreciation of the strategic importance of operations and how a firm can gain competitive advantage through world-class performance by operations in delivering high-quality, cost-competitive products and services. Builds a knowledge base of the concepts, tools and techniques related to designing, managing and improving operations. Helps managers, regardless of functional specialization, gain an operations perspective. Prerequisites: calculus and statistics. (3 credit hours)

MIS 874 - Management Information Systems 

Explores the link between business strategy and information systems strategy. Addresses the organizational implications of investing in information systems and prepares managers with an understanding of the potential of information systems for value creation, while recognizing the uncertainties associated with it. Provides the necessary know-how to managers in using information systems for creating sustainable competitive advantage.

HRM 891 - Research Project
In collaboration with a faculty member, the student will identify a topic, perform relevant research, collect and analyze data, create a final project such as paper or presentation. (up to 6 credit hours)
MGMT 885 - Advanced Strategic Management
An analysis of business problems from a strategic perspective. Builds on prior coursework to focus on a firm's ability to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. Firms studied represent a broad range of manufacturing and service, global and domestic, entrepreneurial and mature issues. Prerequisite(s): to be taken during last semester of student's program, or departmental consent.
HRM 690 - Seminar in Selected Topics 
Repeatable for credit with departmental consent. Prerequisite(s): HRM 466 or instructor's consent, junior standing, advanced standing. (1-5 credit hours)
HRM 750 - Workshop in Human Resources

Prerequisite(s): junior standing (1-4 credit hours)