Discover leadership concepts, practice innovation through the lens of leadership, and gain a competitive edge for your resume.

Through hands-on learning and dynamic coursework, you’ll learn transformational and adaptive leadership and best practices to help you navigate complex challenges, teams, and capitalize on your leadership potential.

Certificate Requirements

You must complete one course from each of the four categories listed below (Intro, Behavior, Application, and Elective). Taking an Intro course first is ideal but not necessary, you may complete these courses in any order throughout your college career. A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.000 is required for all courses comprising the certificate program and you may not have a grade below C.

Intro (Choose One)

Course Title Hours
HNRS 351 Survey of Leadership 3
ID 301 Leadership is Essential Seminar 3

Behavior (Choose One)

Course Title Hours
HNRS 310R Honors Tutorial - Evolving Leaders 1
ID 300 Design Thinking & Innovation 3

Application (Choose One)

Course Title Hours
HP 408 Leadership in Self and Society 3
HP 408H Leadership in Self and Society Honors 3
ID 506 Leadership Development for Innovation (SUMMER COURSE) 3
ID 720 Sustainable Teams and Organizations 3
PHS 621 Supervisory Management in Health Care Organizations 3

Elective (Choose One)

Course Title Hours
COMM 328 Teamwork, Leadership and Group Communication 3
ENGR 501 The Engineer as Leader 3
MGMT 463 Building Effective Work Teams 3
NURS 460 Leadership and Clinical Decision Making 4
NURS 490 Healthcare Leadership for the Practicing RN 3
PHS 333 Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Health Organizations 3

Additional courses can be added to this list as approved by the certificate review board. Courses will be reviewed on a semester by semester basis.

A maximum of one course (3 credit hours) may be transferred from another institution if an articulation exists for one of the courses listed above.

This certificate program is not eligible for Title IV (federal financial aid) funding unless the certificate is part of the degree program the student is pursuing or the certificate has been specified as a gainful employment (aid eligible) program.