We're in the middle of a digital revolution.
If you want to be relevant you need to develop a digital mindset.


The College of Innovation and Design is about identifying and developing the types of digital and leadership skills you need to thrive in the digital economy.


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Develop your digital mindset! The Master of Innovation Design (MID) degree program merges innovation processes, digital skills, and leadership growth with agile product development to create opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. The program is tailored for each student, helping them develop their innovative digital mindset including their ability to:

  • Ideate and communicate ideas effectively
  • Facilitate design thinking and design sprints
  • Utilize an agile product development workflow
  • Develop transformative physical, digital and service products
  • Validate ideas for market fit
  • Build sustainable teams
  • Launch a startup enterprise
Interdisciplinary Leadership Certificate Zoom Meeting

The undergraduate certificate in interdisciplinary leadership comprises 12 credit hours of courses chosen from across many disciplines.

Upon completion of the leadership certificate, students are able to:

  • Identify leadership theories and concepts;
  • Differentiate leadership practices across settings, organizations, disciplines and systems;
  • Identify cultural strengths and differences through a leadership framework;
  • Develop leadership skills based on personal strengths and professional interests; and
  • Lead individuals in teamwork exercises.
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The minor in Sustainability through the College of Innovation and Design approaches sustainability through a holistic lens. Courses investigate the management of our social, environmental, economic, and cultural resources so they may last for generations.

Areas of focus include: 

  • Innovation life cycle 
  • Change management 
  • Sustainable business development 
  • Social mobility 
  • Challenges in sustainability and innovation 
Master for interdisciplinary creativity students collaborating together on a project.

The undergraduate leadership certificate comprises 10 credit hours of design thinking courses.

Upon completion of the Design Thinking Certificate, students are able to:

  1. Identify design thinking methods and exercises;
  2. Develop critical thinking skills to evaluate and refine design solutions;
  3. Foster a mindset of continuous learning and iteration;
  4. Recognize and overcome common barriers to innovation and change; and
  5. Lead others to employ a human-centered approach to problem-solving and decision-making
Cade Nolte presenting during his final for ID 506 - Leadership Development for Innovation

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Enjoy this sneak peek of everyday life as a Master of Innovation Design student at Wichita State University.


Our unique approach

Institute of Interdisciplinary Innovation team

Building a Team

The College of Innovation and Design is a unique development and design environment. It starts with a carefully selected group of students from different areas of expertise who have great ideas and the tenacity to make them real.

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The Collaborative Process

Our teams seek to harness the power of diverse perspectives, passion, and conflict — supported by access to incredible facilities and resources — to refine students' ideas and work toward beautiful and lasting solutions.

Mark Walters of Steelcase presents to MID class in Chicago

Elevated Understanding

By the end of their two years in the program, those who complete the journey will have an elevated understanding of leadership, collaboration, and the intricacies of ideation, gaining a highly marketable creative confidence, and lifelong friends in the process.

NASA SUITS Team Harvestars at Johnson Space Center in Houston

NASA Test Week 2022 Recap & Lessons Learned

After moving forward in both the Proposal, the Code Review, and making Top Ten in the NASA SUITS Challenge - we were officially invited to Test Week at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas! 


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