In this blog post, we're turning the spotlight on the incredible individuals who make up our Masters of Innovation Design (MID) Cohort. Get ready to meet the future innovators, creators, and problem solvers as we dive into their backgrounds, aspirations, and the exciting journey they're embarking on in the world of innovation and design. These brilliant minds are redefining what's possible – don't miss the chance to get to know them!

Participants from various departments work in small groups together.

Discover the highlights of the collaborative workshop that brought together seventeen departments from Wichita State University to design the culture of the Shocker Success Center. Through empathy maps, scenario maps, and ideation exercises, participants gained valuable insights and generated innovative ideas to shape the future of the shared building. Find out how the workshop fostered unity, cross-departmental relationships, and a sense of shared responsibility, leaving participants feeling energized for the upcoming move in summer 2024.

Denae Sawyer at NeoCon Conference in Chicago

Undergraduate Honors student, Denae Sawyer has taken three courses outside of her typical course load. See how she compared Innovation Design courses to others she has taken while at Wichita State University.

Radeef Karim, a freshman in the Aerospace Engineering program, joined the NASA SUITS team during his first semester of college. Learn more about his thoughts on this experience as an international student.

Maggie Schoonover at Johnson Space Center in Houston

While the sun was nearing blistering temperatures, the College of Innovation and Design (CID) was keeping its cool planning, prepping and growing.    

Details about the 2021-2022 NASA SUITS Design Challenge Test Week at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.