This month Team Cosmoshox received the John A. See Innovation award and embraces new tech and team T-shirts. From outreach events at Clearwater Highschool to SDR preparations with NASA mentors, read this article to get in the mix with Team Cosmoshox news!

Maggie Schoonover, Dr. William Parcell, and Elaine Duff create friendship bracelets at the Open XR Lab's Open House

On April 12th, Wichita State University's College of Innovation and Design (CID) hosted an Open House for its newly launched Open XR Lab in Devlin Hall. Coinciding with the International Day of Human Spaceflight, the event showcased the lab's focus on VR and AR design, particularly in NASA-inspired projects.

ID 752 - Product Prototyping is an engaging and challenging class where students collaborate closely with various businesses to solve real-world problems. Through a structured process, students design and develop solutions tailored to each business challenge. Join us as we explore this dynamic course, where teamwork and problem-solving skills are put to the test in creating innovative solutions.

In the month of February, Team Cosmoshox has been working on implementing their designs in Unreal Engine, focusing on the HUD and LMCC. The team faced challenges with the late arrival of the TSS Plugin from NASA, causing delays in high-fidelity testing. Despite these challenges, the team has made valuable progress with the help from faculty advisors and NASA mentors. They are excited to reach new heights in the "crunch time" of their NASA S.U.I.T.S project.

2024 NASA SUITS Wichita State Team

Having successfully advanced to phase two of the challenge, CosmoShox is turning their vision into reality, with collaborative Sprints and skill-building workshops. Learn more about this exciting project and meet the team in this article.

Masters of Innovation Design students and faculty member Kristyn Waits at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas proved to be an exhilarating experience for the Masters of Innovation Design (MID) students from Wichita State University, offering a firsthand look at cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions that are shaping the future. CES 2024 served as a platform not only to witness new trends in tech but also to network and expand the reach of the MID program.

Amanda's first day

“Trust the process” was the first lesson I learned in graduate school. Sure, it was taught in the ID 513 Design Thinking class but it’s also the reason I landed in the Master’s in Innovative Design program in my mid-30s in the first place. I often hear others asking if they’re too old to change careers, learn a new hobby, or go back to school. Maybe for some people but it is the exact right time for me.

As the saying goes, “if man was supposed to fly, we would have been born with wings.” Ha! Instead, the feather in our cap is that we were given bigger brains to think critically and develop skills to design and build an aircraft that can fly over countries and land on ships. But hey, that doesn’t change the fact that for centuries we have been envious of the bird’s abilities.

In this blog post, we're turning the spotlight on the incredible individuals who make up our Masters of Innovation Design (MID) Cohort. Get ready to meet the future innovators, creators, and problem solvers as we dive into their backgrounds, aspirations, and the exciting journey they're embarking on in the world of innovation and design. These brilliant minds are redefining what's possible – don't miss the chance to get to know them!