The Open XR Lab mission is simple: empower student-driven product development through interdisciplinary collaboration while creating a safe and inclusive environment.

What to Expect

A group of students posing for a group photo on tour at Johnson Space Center

Interdisciplinary Teaming

Complex problems often require a multi-faceted approach that considers technical, social, and creative aspects. Student team members learn from each other and develop new skills outside their primary field of expertise.

A student wearing an AR headset looking at the camera

Applied Research & Development

NASA-centered applied R&D projects necessitate collaboration between students from different disciplines, mirroring real-world work environments. Our approach helps students develop communication, teamwork, and leadership skills while appreciating the value of diverse perspectives.

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Faculty Mentorship

Faculty mentorship is particularly important because of the interdisciplinary nature of our research. Students from diverse backgrounds benefit from professional mentors who help them integrate their knowledge and skills, navigate the complexities of emerging technology, and explore the potential applications of XR in various fields.

Hardware, Software, Tools, and Methods

Space background

Awards and Accolades

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Maggie Schoonover and Kristyn Waits holding her Artemis Educator award

Lab Leadership

The Open XR Lab and related initiatives are available to all Wichita State students, regardless of degree path or year. Reach out to lab leadership to learn more. 

Find us in Devlin Hall, Rm 103/104.

Maggie Schoonover - Director

Kristyn Waits - Assistant Director

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