The College of Innovation and Design is your hub for elevating your professional expertise in change management, leadership, and innovative principles. We deliver customizable trainings and workshops trailored to meet your organizations needs.


Our offerings span a spectrum of engaging activities, including captivating speaker events, immersive workshops, certification programs, thought-provoking design challenges, exhilarating hack-a-thons, and enriching academic courses.

Moreover, our facilitators bring a wealth of experience in Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Agile Software Development, and Agile Product Management to provide you with the highest quality guidance and expertise.

Group working together in a College of Innovation and Design Workshop

Social Innovation Workshops
In our commitment to fostering innovation, we're now offering Social Innovation workshops. These workshops are designed to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to drive positive social change through innovative solutions. Whether you're looking to address pressing social issues or create transformative community projects, our workshops will equip you with the skills to make a difference.

Change Management Trainings
Change is a constant in the business world, and mastering it is crucial for long-term success. Our Change Management trainings provide you with the strategies and techniques required to lead your organization through transformation effectively. You'll learn to navigate change with confidence and guide your team to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments.


CID Professional Development trainings

Certification Training
Professional Scrum certification training courses are available for businesses looking to add Scrum to their product management portfolio, as well as community members looking to pursue careers as Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

Chat GPT Training
In the era of AI, Chat GPT is becoming an invaluable tool for communication and problem-solving. To help you harness the power of Chat GPT, we now offer training sessions that teach you how to effectively utilize this technology in various professional contexts. Learn how to leverage Chat GPT for customer support, content creation, and much more.

Group working at Design Thinking Workshop

Design Challenges
Design Challenges are open to all campus and community participants and cover a variety of topics such as sustainability and innovation, disruptive technology, and improving rural health care. Design Challenges are topic-centric problem-solving events using Design Thinking strategies. Diversified, focused teams with a variety of skill sets spend time investing in exploration and empathy building. Referencing a problem statement – not too broad, not too narrow – teams develop unique insights during the challenge, often creating low-fidelity prototypes like sketches, journey maps, or business models.  

Zoom screenshot of Rural Health Challenge

Hack-a-thons are high-energy events where participants validate ideas and existing insights generated through previous work or market research. Hack-a-thons are also open to all campus and community participants. Like Design Challenges, participants form teams of cross-functional talent that compete to solve problems creatively. Outcomes often include a high-fidelity prototype with some kind of technical interface (such as hardware or software). 

Speaker Events & Fireside Chats
Speaker events are hosted on a variety of topics. Learn from industry professionals and connect with keynote speakers in one-on-one conversations. Also a great opportunity to network with other innovators in the community!

Arij Kastali and Lili Soloranzo work together in GoCreate

Academic Courses
Within the College of Innovation and Design, you'll find a range of undergraduate and graduate courses for professional development in areas such as Design Thinking, Agile Product Management, business ethics, software development, and more. These courses provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to further enhance your expertise and career prospects.