Grand Champion Teams

Students from the winning team pose with faculty at an awards ceremony 2022 winners:(L-R) Instructor Samantha Corcoran, Grant Johnson, Carly Overacker, Jon Colamedici, College of Engineering Dean Anthony Muscat, and instructor Nathan Smith.
In 2022, the Everwhen team won with their parking assistant app that utilizes machine learning and is integrated with existing parking lot camera systems to help drivers quickly locate an open parking spot on campus. The team will enter the national Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO) Global Pitch Competition.


  2021 winners: Team members Andrew Huynh, Avry Voyles, Sarafina Collins, and Tanner Bradfield.
In 2021, the Powerhouse Box team won with their low-cost, highly durable and portable solar power bank solution for remote areas and camp grounds. The team entered the national Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO) Global Pitch Competition.


wichita 2020 winners: (L-R) Adam Brown, Nicholas Ridpath and Braden Botkin. Also pictured is Chris Lam, who is not part of the team. Team members pose with their product.
In 2020, the Wire Pullers won with their magnetic device to make pulling wires through walls easier for homeowners and professional A/V installers. The team was selected to compete out of over 300 teams for the virutal Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization(CEO) Global Pitch Competition.


2019 Winners  2019 Winners: (L-R) Dr. Steven Skinner, assoc. dean, Jedidiah Borchard, Edie Reese, and Cierra O'Neill. Winning team members are proudly holding their award certificate.
In 2019, team Water Level Sensor Pals won with their device UnderPressure, a mechanical device to gauge water levels for the visually impaired. The team successfully competed against 79 other teams at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization Global Pitch Competition, advancing to the final round of six.


2018 Winner 2018 Winners: (L-R): Thilanka Gamalathge, Alexa Mercer, Lorraine Lowrey, Luke Ewertz, Dr. Steven Skinner, assoc. dean, Rianna Cazabat, instructor Samantha Corcoran, instructor Chris Wyant, instructor Konstantinos Mykoniatis.
In 2018, Team T-Rash took the title of Koch Innovation Challenge grand champion with their idea for the Swiftcan – a bottom-loaded trashcan that simplifies the process of taking out the trash and changing bags. The team went on to compete in Kansas City, MO, at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization Global Pitch Competition.


2017winner 2017 Winners: (L-R): Austin Nordyke, Jake Kimble, Braden Bohl.
In 2017, Team Out Cold won with their idea for a customizable pillow with air chambers that helps reduce sleep discomfort. They went on to compete in Tampa, FL, at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization Global Pitch Competition finishing in the semi-finals.


Angel Competition Winners

2021-2022 Competition

  • Everwhen, a parking assistant app to help drivers quickly locate an open parking spot on campus. Team members Carly Overacker, Grant Johnson, Jon Colamedici,
  • ELEMENT, a remote-controlled defroster shield to easily remove ice from windshields. Team members Dylen Trecek, Nehme El Ters, Warren Balthazor, Wesley Horner.
  • Spoon Savor, a cooking tool to reduce messes in the kitchen. Claudia Diaz, Cooper Larsen, Izzy Panakos, Madelyn Stilwell.
  • Open Color, a wearable camera that turns color into sounds for the visually impaired. Mason Garten, Wiley Hutcheson, Noah Carter, Kobe Simmons.
  • Safe Heater, a battery powered portable heat source for cold-weather camping. Team members Drake Mann, Noah Osborne.
  • Dual-Shock Wallet, a convenient wallet for multiple ID cards and RFID key fobs. Team members Adam Key, Ben Taxdahl, Ridge Estes, and Craig Belto.

2020-2021 Competition

  • Powerhouse Box - A low-cost, highly durable and portable solar power bank solution for remote areas and camp grounds. Team members: Andrew Huynh, Avry Voyles, Sarafina Collins, and Tanner Bradfield.

  • Fortress - The product aims to provide a safe, simple, and portable solution for parcel security. Team members: Brenden Murphy, Kevin Nguyen, James Forcella, and Michael Lammers.
  • HammeRun - A DoorDash-like app to quickly deliver construction materials on site. Team members: Felipe Lima de Oliveira, Caldelario Luna, and Alex Shaw.
  • Calen-due-r - A unique calendar app that helps busy students proiritize efficiently. Team members: Arfa Haque, Cole Koerner, Odessa Olien, and David Neas.
  • Snack It! - An all-in one device that allows the user to eat and drink conveniently on the go. Team members: Cole Aguilera, Shawn Naillieux, and Neloy Dey. 
  • Hydro-full - An effecient plastic drink pitcher that filters tap water and dispenses different flavors from the compartmentalized lid. Team members: Jeffrey Elliott, Sullivan Cox, Xavier Stovall, and Ernesto Esparza.

2019-2020 Competition

  • Dinner Choosers -- A mobile app called Fork that allows users to vote on what’s for family dinner tonight. Team members: Logan Bramble, Isaiah Esau, Marion Jackson.

  • Lock Down -- A bicycle security device to prevent wheel theft. Team members: Wyatt Abell, Richard Oswalt, Ethan Piland, Madycen Ranney, Chin Teng Tan.
  • Securi-team -- A secure box to elude porch pirates. Team members: Boshra Althafir, Taylor Cazabat, Duncan Snook, Joshua Storm.
  • The Collectors -- A way to quickly and easily collect Nerf Gun ammunition. Team members: Bailey Beck, Yakelyn Gonzalez Rodriguez, Monterrell Nelson, Octavio Nunez, Alexander Olson.
  • Wire Installation -- A magnetic device to make pulling wires through walls easier. Team members: Braden Botkin, Adam Brown, Christopher Lam, Nicholas Ridpath.

2018-2019 Competition

  • Hearing Aid Battery Changing Tool. A device to make changing the tiny batteries in hearing aids easier. Team members: Brett Herrman, Andrew Hodge, Cameron Pint, Adam Shoemaker, Colton Wasinger. 

  • Twirl&Brush. A convenient travel toothbrush with toothpaste included. Team members: Alexa Easley, Elbie Saysombath, Emanuel Mijares, Garrett Delmar.

  • Uplift Pillow. An inclined pillow to help knee surgery patients heal at the right angle with an embedded cooling system. Team members: Nickolas House, Sadiya Jaba, Edward Jones, Kyra Hernandez, Bailey Seltmann.

  • 3D Engineers. A device to capture electricity from industrial water usage. Team members: Jennifer Alfaro, Kenny Do, Phillip Espinosa, Zachary Keitel, Matthew Minter, Alexandro Morales

  • Water Level Sensor Pals. A mechanical device to detect the water level for the blind or visually impaired. Team members: Cierra O'Neill, Edie Reese, Jedidiah Borchard, Tyler Thompson.

2017-2018 Competition

  • Firefighter SpeedSuit. A one-piece fire suit that slides on in 25 seconds. Team members: Tyler Espinoza, Yasen Kolev, Thinh Nguyen, Joshua Williams.
  • Vision X. An eye-tracking system that alerts distracted drivers. Team members: Cameron Hill, Hamad Alsaeed, Nathan Ruby, Ryan Swint, Shaedon Wedel.
  • School Safety. A new type of lock for classroom doors to keep students safe. Team Members: Christian Ammerman, Mikah Betterton, Maggie Brown, Noah Foster, Thanh Nguyen.
  • T-Rash. An innovative trash can design that simplifies loading trash bags. Team members: Rianna Cazabat, Luke Ewertz, Thilanka Gamalathge, Lorraine Lowrey, Alexa Mercer.
  • Moving Van Storage System. A lug bar that protects fragile items inside a moving truck. Team members Denver Jackson, Lance Kelley, Ryan Stuempfig, Andrew Torres, Ridge Towner.

2016-2017 Competition

  • “Picture This!” - a magnetic Polaroid-like photography prop. Team members: Caroline Childs, Connor Egan, Liam Huckaby, and Julie Sok.
  • “Out Cold” - a customizable pillow with air chambers that helps reduce sleep discomfort. Team members: Derek Slaymaker, Braden Bohl, Cesar Gamboa, Jacob Kimble, and Austin Nordyke.
  • “Stim Support” - A small box that children with ADHD or autism can play with to help them focus. Team members: Hayden Schrag, Natalie Ashbrook, Jacob Griffin, and Talitha Wilson.
  • “d-Safe” - An electronic box with a breathalyzer that will return car keys only if someone is below the legal limit for blood-alcohol levels. Team members: Natalie Dutton, Azby Alshemeri, Zachary Bacon, Joseph Grondin, and Abigail Richardson.
  • “Snail-shell Camper” - An ultra-lightweight camping shell that hooks onto a bicycle. Team members: James Sizemore, Kristian Buan, Michael Lee, and Raistlin Welker.