Are you within two semesters of graduation?

Students must submit their application for degree (AFD) online prior to graduation.  It is recommended that students submit their AFD at least two semesters before their expected date of graduation, in accordance with their department's specific Senior Check timeline. 

AFD Deadlines

In order to be included in the commencement program booklet, students must submit their AFD prior to October 1 for fall graduation and March 1 for spring/summer graduation. NOTE: If you file your AFD past the deadline, you may still be eligible to graduate and partcipate in commencement ceremonies; however, we will not be able to print your name in the ceremony program booklet. 

Finding the online AFD link

To file your online Application for Degree (AFD):

  1. Log in to your myWSU portal
  2. Under the myClasses tab, in the Graduation Links box, click on the "Application for Degree" link. 
  3. The AFD link will take you to the AFD web app where you will complete all AFD questions and the Exit Survey. 

More information about the steps to completing your AFD an be found on the Commencement AFD webpage

Questions about your AFD status? Contact your academic advisor!