Role of the Student

For a student to benefit the most from an advising session, they must:

  • Be familiar with the Advising Process
  • Be familiar with university and program requirements and course prerequisites
  • Schedule an appointment to see an adviser and allow them one week to reply
  • Keep the scheduled appointment
  • Prepare a proposed schedule of courses before meeting with the adviser
  • Be respectful of the adviser's time
  • Follow the advisor's recommendations
  • Take advantage of free GEEKS tutoring in the College of Engineering
  • Learn about campus support services
  • Assume ownership of and accept ultimate responsibility for your decisions

Role of the Faculty Advisor

Students are required to meet with a faculty advisor at least once per year. As a student, your faculty advisor assignment is listed in the Academic Profile box under your myClasses tab in myWSU. 

For the faculty member to be effective in the advising process, they must:

  • Take an interest in the student as a person and track his/her progress
  • Assist the student in the navigation of the curriculum.
  • Know the university policies and procedures and campus resources available to the students
  • Respond to the students' requests for an appointment in a timely manner (within one week)
  • Take the time to provide meaningful academic and career advice
  • Create a respectful and supportive atmosphere during advising sessions
  • Avoid any appearance of preferential treatment or conflict of interest
  • Discourage students from violating institutional policies
  • Maintain highest standards of professional conduct
  • Assist the student in setting long-term academic and career goals
  • Recognize the limitations of his/her authority and be willing to ask for assistance from the department chair and/or Engineering Student Success Center.