Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering Honors Program

Be More

The Aerospace Engineering Honors program calls upon our students to achieve greatness during their academic studies.  It is a program designed for the student to be more rather than to do more.  It is an extension of the Engineering+ program and allows for further differentiation.  Because it is a holistic approach that combines several areas to demonstrate excellence, it allows the individual student to tailor their program. 

Scholarship, Discovery, Service, Leadership, and Professionalism

The foundation of the program rests in five areas:  Scholarship, Discovery, Service, Leadership, and Professionalism.  The student is expected to perform in each of the five areas acquiring points upon the successful completion and documentation of tasks.  During their academic studies, Aerospace Engineering Honors students will acquire at least 150 points total, with at least 20 points and at most 40 points in each area.  

Click here to download a complete description of the AE Honors Program.

Feel free to contact the AE Honors Program Coordinator Associate Engineering Educator, Avm Raza, or Angela Blackerby, or your faculty advisor if you have questions or need help.