Living Learning Communities Header.

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students who choose to live together to enjoy a built-in support system, mentoring, leadership opportunities, and an enhanced sense of community. Research shows that students in LLCs feel connected earlier, make friends more easily, perform better in classes, and graduate at higher rates than students who choose not to live in LLCs.

Living Learning Communities offer unique opportunities for campus residents. At Wichita State University, we offer two options for engineering majors: the Engineering LLC and the Women in Engineering LLC. Each of these opportunities provides students living campus with valuable benefits such as:

  • Academic assistance within the residence halls.
  • Tours of local engineering industries.
  • Opportunities to interact with engineering faculty and staff.
  • Networking for your professional future.
  • A fun and engaging social life with your fellow engineering majors.

For more information about LLCs, visit the Housing and Residence Life LLC website. If you have any questions, please contact Jacob Mendez, Director of Student Engagement, at