"The membership of the CoE Student Ambassadors is committed to the enhancement and innovation of the College of Engineering at Wichita State University through recruitment and education of the outward community, as well as leadership within the College itself."

         - The College of Engineering Student Ambassadors Constitution 

What do the Engineering Ambassadors do?


The Engineering Ambassadors are trained to answer
questions and help with recruitment efforts at tabling
events while handing out reference materials and college
College of Engineering Staff and CoESA members stand behind a table at an event


In order to help with recruitment efforts, CoESA members
are on panels to answer questions from future students!
Even if the questions are not about engineering, we like
to talk about majors, living on campus, or college
life in general!
A group of CoESA members are paneling in a full room.


Besides recruitment, the CoESA members are committed
to showing the possibilities of engineering to younger
students! Whether facilitating activities like spaghetti
marshmallow towers, or getting students out of their
shells with creativeicebreakers, the goal is to spread
the passion for STEM!
A group of high school women stands behind their large spaghetti marshmallow tower giving a big thumbs up.

Tours of the JBC:

Our Ambassadors are also trained to give tours of the
biggest applied learning focused facilities on campus,
the John Bardo Center (JBC). Our 30 - 45 minute tours
encapture the innovative research and projects that
happen on campus as well as  showcase its
accessibility to students of all ages.
Trent Oberlander is pictured giving a tour to some prospective students and their families.

Interested in becoming an Engineering Ambassador?

The application will be posted here and distributed digitally, by either email or social media, two weeks before the application deadline. The current VP of the CoESA Organization and the Advisor will choose which applicants to interview and then new Ambassadors will be selected.

If you have questions about what the College of Engineering Student Ambassadors are, or would like their presence at an event you are planning, feel free to reach out: