Are you within two semesters of graduation? Students are required to apply for graduation at least two semesters before their expected date of graduation.

To apply for graduation, file an online Application for Degree (AFD) through a new link in the myWSU portal under the My Classes tab (Graduation Links). This online application starts the senior audit process.

The Senior Audit Process in the College of Engineering

  1. File an online Application for Degree using the myWSU portal.
  2. The Student Records Office will send an email to your WSU email address notifying you when your file has been prepared for senior audit.
  3. After you receive the email, schedule a mandatory senior check appointment following the directions in the email. Please note:
  • The senior check appointment replaces your semester advising appointment with your assigned adviser.
  • Your file will be delivered to your department in preparation for your senior check appointment. You DO NOT need to pick up your file from the Student Records Office.
  1. Return your file to the Student Records Office following your senior check.
  2. Records staff will review the senior check, answer any additional questions you may have, and provide clearance for enrollment.

For more information contact Engineering Student Records.