Biomedical engineers design the medical technology to maintain and improve our quality of life. Our graduates work for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and biomedical research institutes.

2024 Projects

She Scan 

MEMBERS: Anfal Abdalrahman;Maram Moussa; Chinelo Ogogor; Esther Omilabu; Walaa Albu Eisa 

ADVISOR: Dr.Kim Cluff 

Our product SheScan is dedicated to transforming women’s healthcare with a focus on breast cancer diagnostics. We aim to overcome the limitations of conventional mammography—discomfort, limited accessibility, and radiation exposure—by developing a wearable breast cancer screening bra, SheScan. The wearable device facilitates continuous, user-friendly monitoring, encouraging regular checks without the typical discomfort or inconvenience. Ultimately, our goal is to revolutionize breast cancer screening, making it more inclusive and adaptable to the needs of women everywhere.

Modular Component For an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

MEMBERS: Tessa Nolen;Nathan Eggel, Drake Knier, Jacob Tran, Peyton Linn

ADVISOR: Dr. Kim Cluff

Approximately 15% of the US population experiences foot drop, characterized by difficulty lifting the front of the foot. The primary treatment for foot drop is an ankle foot orthosis (AFO). Carbon fiber is one of the most common materials due to its favorable properties. However, these AFOs often fail within 1-3 years due to high-stress areas, impeding mobility until replacement. Our design addresses this flaw by redesigning the stress areas, ensuring rapid and uncomplicated repairs upon breakage. This gives the patient a fast turnaround time, mitigating the risk of further injury


CPR Haptic Feedback Device

MEMBERS: Mayra Ramirez; Paris Smith; Mea Ames; Jeramy Lamar; Coewen Rains

ADVISOR: Dr. Kim Cluff

Every year in the United States, 350,000 people die from cardiac arrest. In 2023, studies showed that early bystander CPR was not linked to a higher survival rate although 35% to 45% of cardiac arrest victims globally received CPR from onlookers. Researchers discovered that this was due to the responder not performing CPR properly.
There is a need to improve the quality of CPR that is performed on cardiac arrest patients. It is our mission to provide an affordable, reliable, and readily accessible CPR haptic feedback device for use by the general public. We have developed a low-cost solution that will provide the rescuer with real-time vocal, visual, and tactile feedback. Our device, CPR+U, features vocal CPR instructions, an LED display with a depth accuracy indicator, tactile vibrations for appropriate compression timing, and a collapsible design that can fit in any standard first aid kit. With these features any person, no matter their knowledge, confidence, or comfort level will be able to perform CPR properly. Current products that provide CPR feedback contain complex signals that make it difficult for the responder to interpret. CPR+U differentiates itself from current products by providing straightforward audio and visual responses based on the user speed and depth of compressions. We believe no one should feel alone when performing this life-saving procedure. Our device will provide the information needed to increase CPR efficacy and improve patient survival rates.
Shin-X-Machina: Automatic Pill Dispenser utilizing machine learning to dispense pills

MEMBERS: Alex Limon; Josue Uriarte; Doreon Norman; Jaimin Patel

ADVISOR: Dr. Kim Cluff

Shin World Technologies is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to revolutionizing medication management for individuals and healthcare facilities. Our innovative smart pill dispenser system combines state-of-the-art hardware and software to provide seamless medication organization, dispensing, and tracking solutions. By leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, image recognition, and IoT connectivity, we offer a comprehensive platform that enhances medication adherence, improves health outcomes, and enhances the quality of life for users.