Innovation Hub Fabrication Lab

John Bardo Center, Room 105


Located on the main level of Project Innovation Hub, this space is dedicated to helping students take their ideas from concept to creation. The main fabrication area is stocked with everything from basic woodworking tools, to CNC routers, mills, and a waterjet machine.


Equipment List
**Please follow links for equipment specifications and training.**
Main Floor Work Space (John Bardo Center 105)
PMAX- OMAX ProtoMAX Personal Abrasive Waterjet
Wazer - Wazer Desktop Waterjet
15L- Tormach 15L Slant-Pro CNC Lathe
>> Training Documents
440- Tormach PCNC 440 Benchtop Mill
>>Training Documents
Tube Bender - Pro-Tools MB-105HD Hydraulic Tube Bender Kit
BenchGrinder- Jet 8" Shop Bench Grinder, JBG-8A
BeltSander- Jet Belt Sander/Disc Grinder, JSG-6DC
FEIN Slugger Chop Saw - 14 inch FEIN Slugger Metal Chop Saw 
ChopSaw- Dewalt D28715 14" Chop Saw
SandBlast- Econoline Sandblast Cabinet, 36-1 Super
PaintBooth- GFS Bench Spray Booth, GIFP-S
Hobart MIG - Hobart Handler 210MVP Mig Welder with C25
AC225 Stick Welder - Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Welder
SpotWeld - Miller LMSW-52 220 Spot Welder
MIG- Eastwood MIG 135 MIG Welder
Formec- Formech Mini Vacuum Former
PM2013B- Powermatic 20" Bandsaw, PM2013B
BandSawH- Jet Horizontal-Vertical Band Saw, HVBS-56
TableSaw- Delta 36-6022 10" Table Saw
JetLathe- Jet Belt Drive Bench Lathe, BD-920W         
MillDrill- Jet Milling/Drilling Machine, JMD-15         
4x8Plasma- Forest Scientific 4' x 8' CNC Plasma Table, w/Hypertherm PM 85
Arbor- Jet 2-Ton Arbor Press
ShopFox- ShopFox 24" Sheet Metal Machine, M1042         
InjectionMolder- LNS Plastic Injection Machine, 150A
DrillDoctor- Drill Doctor 500x

 Wood Shop (John Bardo Center 105C)
WoodBandSawJet 14" Bandsaw, JWBS-14DXPRO         
MiterSawDewalt Compound Miter Saw, DW717         
PanelSaw- Milwaukee Panel Saw
BeltSander- Jet Belt Sander/Disc Grinder, JSG-6DC
Spindle- Jet Floor Spindle Sander, JOSS-S         
SmallBeltSander- Jet Bench Belt/Disc Sander, J-4002
ScrollSawDewalt 20" Scroll Saw         
Router- Forest Scientific 4' x 8' CNC Router, HS ROUTER HS4x8
Planer- Dewalt 735 Thickness Planer
TrackSaw- Dewalt DWS520 Track Saw Kit
DrillPress- Powermatic Drill Press, PM2800B
X-Carve- Inventables X-Carve, 1000mm