Premier Food Service Utilizes Wichita State Engineering Students

Tyler Pennick from Strategic Communications did an awesome job of capturing some video of our students at Premier Food Services in Fall 2020 and Etezazi in Spring 2020. 

Spring 2020 ISME Senior Design Projects

Please see our Spring 2020 ISME Senior Design Projects listed below.  View the presentations by clicking on the project link.  Please fill out an evaluation form for each of the presentations you view.   


Spring-2020 Projects


CNH Industrial

Safety Risk Assessment

·   Stephon Edwards

·   Kevin Hoang

·   Jacob Messenger

·   Matthew Miller

Develop a new process to make CNH Industrial’s risk assessment audits more efficient

Harper Trucks Inc.

Factory Process Improvement

·   Kim Nguyen

·   John Ho

·   Thashvin Mahenthirarajah

·   Jafar Alshaqaqiq

Recommend improvements for current paint process and create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

LS Industries

Inventory Optimization 

·   Haley Kauffman

·   Carson Reimer

·   Victoria Kehinde

·   Abdullah Alhajri

Reduce shipping costs by minimizing the need for expedited shipping and increase the company’s inventory visibility

Premier Food Service

Ergonomic Stretch Program

·   Jacob Renner

·   Darrin McPherson

·   Jose Canales Breceda

·   Saleh Almarri

Design a stretch program to reduce injury risk

Premier Food Service

Warehouse Efficiency

·   Adrian Chiam

·   Alanna Do

·   Thanushika Karunaratne

·   Maxwell Lemieux

Use Lean tools to provide recommendations for improvements to increase warehouse efficiency and decrease the labor costs

Aerospace Chemical Lines

New Facility Location 

·   Sydney Jaeger

·   Zakery Keith

·   Paul Mosqueda

·   Badah Alajmi

Research and analyze alternatives for a best fit for location of a new facility

Adam Lynch

Kitchen Appliance Reverse Engineering

·   Mafraj Aldousari

·   Mohammed Alajmi

·   Salem Aldousari

·   Abdulhadi Alhajri

·   Abdullah Almulaihi

Develop an electric kettle that is energy-efficient and affordable using recyclable materials

Western Industries Plastic Products

Warehouse Optimization

·   Vinit Kakad

·   Ron Posey

·   Tanner Rumback

·   Allison Short

Design alternative layouts to optimize storage in the west warehouse and recommendations for improvements on the assembly and packaging line.

Wichita State University

Carbon Footprint Reduction

·   Rylan Carney

·   Jonathan Wu

·   Joshua Schrantz

·   Athira Suresh Pillay

Develop a method of estimating the carbon footprint of a serving of food based on readily available information, suitable for expansion to the entirety of the Chartwells database.