Research Area

Enkhsaikhan Boldsaikhan

(PhD, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)

Manufacturing, industrial robotics and automation, friction stir welding, artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, and machine learning.

Laila Cure

(PhD, University of South Florida)

Analysis and design of complex work systems, data analytics, and model-based decision support for the deployment of patient safety, quality, and population health interventions.

Deepak Gupta

(PhD, West Virginia University)

Energy efficiency and sustainability, manufacturing system optimization, supply chain management, and data analytics.

Michael Jorgensen

(PhD, Ohio State University)

Work-related low back disorders, musculoskeletal disorder epidemiology, low-back biomechanical modeling, risk and exposure assessment methodology, and occupational safety.

Krishna K. Krishnan

(PhD, Virginia Tech)

Manufacturing systems, facilities planning and material handling, CAD/CAM systems, flexible manufacturing systems, design for manufacturability.

Viswanathan Madhavan

(PhD, Purdue University)

Manufacturing processes, machine tools, FEA, tribology, material properties, and sensors and manufacturing systems.

Wilfredo Moscoso-Kingsley

(PhD, Purdue University)

Material behavior, tribology, mechanics and feedback control in advanced machining, joining and thermo-mechanical processing.

Ehsan Salari

(PhD, University of Florida)

Medical decision making, Cancer treatment plan optimization, Healthcare operations management.

Wujun Si

(PhD, Wayne State University)

Data Science and Big Data Analytics (high-dimensional statistics, stochastic processes, machine learning), with applications in Reliability Engineering, Sustainable Energy Management, Manufacturing and Production Control.

Gamal Weheba

(PhD, University of Central Florida)

Quality and reliability engineering, statistical process control, economics of quality, precision measurements, and rapid prototyping.

M. Bayram Yildirim

(PhD, University of Florida)

Applied optimization, network optimization, supply chain management, scheduling, transportation planning, pricing on congestible networks