How to Join SWE

Join on OrgSync:

Join on following the instructions below. This is FREE and will allow you to receive updates, view our calendar, track your involvement, and much more!

  1. Visit
  2. Use your myWSU ID and Password to log in to the system
  3. Once logged in, type Society of Women Engineers in the search bar
  4. Select the "Join Now" button, and then select "Request to Join". A request will be sent to the administrators and you will be approved as soon as possible.

In order to be a recognized member of SWE and to be eligible for scholarships, leadership positions, and other SWE benefits, you must be a paid member. To become a paid member, follow the directions below.

Join via Societal SWE website:

Join through the Societal SWE website and follow the instructions below. You can choose from two different types of collegiate memberships:

  1. Click "New Customer? Click here"
  2. Collegiate-to-career (C2C) - a one time payment of $50, you won't have to pay again until one year after you graduate
    Collegiate - $20/year
  3. Go to the Membership tab and select Join
  4. Click "New Customer? Click here"
  5. Follow the instructions and choose your membership type (C2C or Collegiate)
  6. Choose section i065 - Wichita State University