Jeffrey ‎Jarman

Director & Director of Debate
102J, Elliott Hall
(316) 978-6075

Ph.D. in Communication Studies, 1998, University of Kansas
M.A. in Communiation Studies, 1995, University of Kansas
B.S. in Political Science, 1993, Southwest Missouri State University

Dr. Jarman is the director of the Elliott School of Communication. He teaches courses in the strategic communication emphasis area, including Comm 535 (Communication Analysis and Criticism), 313 (Argumentation and Advocacy), and various 660 seminars in political communication.

His primary research interests are analyses of political deliberations within the public sphere, and debate pedagogy. Since 1999, he has authored the annual overview of the new high school debate topic used by thousands of high school debaters around the nation.

Jarman is the director of the Wichita State's competitive debate team.

Jarman grew up in Wichita and enjoys living in his home town. He is married to Jan, a prosecuting attorney for the City of Wichita. They have two daughters. 

Classes Taught:
COMM 430 Communication Research
COMM 535 Communication Analysis and Criticism
COMM 660A/860N Political Communication
COMM 803 Empirical/Quantitative Research Methodology in Communication