Nuestros profes

Wilson Baldridge PhD

Professor of French and Chair, Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature

(316) 978 6645

Translation, literature, and theory.

Cuitlahuac Chavez PhD

Language Lab Director & Instructor in Spanish

(316) 978 6648

20th-Century Mexican literature with an emphasis on the Border Region & Film.

Rocío Del Águila PhD

Graduate Coordinator & Assistant Professor of Spanish

(316) 978 6007

19th-Century Latin-American Literature with an emphasis in gender studies, colonialism, and Food Studies.

Daniel Fonfria-Perera

Assistant Professor of Spanish

(316) 978 6642

Peninsular Spanish Literature of the 21st Centuries, Masculinity Studies, Film and Cultural Studies, and Spanish for the Professions.

Julie Henderson MA

Undergraduate Coordinator & Fairmount Lecturer in Spanish

(316) 978 6702

Translation and Interpretation.

Enrique Navarro PhD

Latin American and LatinX Studies Certificate Coordinator & Associate Professor of Spanish

(316) 978 6928

Contemporary Spanish American fiction, Hispanic cultural studies, print and digital media, the Latina/o Midwest, and graphic novels.

Brigitte Roussel PhD

French Division Director, World Language Teacher Education Program Chair & Associate Professor of French

(316) 978 6329

Pedagogy and World Language Teacher Education.

Rachel Showstack PhD

Spanish Division Director & Associate Professor of Spanish

(316) 978 6006

Spanish as a heritage language, language ideologies, language and healthcare, and community-based language education.

Kerry Wilks PhD

Associate Dean of the Graduate School & Professor of Spanish

(316) 978 3095