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General Degree Requirements

The MA degree in Spanish requires the completion of 32 credit hours beyond the BA degree.

Of these hours, 20 must be in courses that require research papers written in Spanish, and are recommended to be in courses numbered 700 or above.

Each individual plan of study may include up to 9 hours in related fields, with at least 23 hours of Spanish. These 23 hours must include advanced grammar (SPAN 526) and survey courses (SPAN 832, SPAN 833, SPAN 835, SPAN 836) if their equivalents were not taken as undergraduate courses. The equivalent undergraduate courses must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator or Chair.

Degree requirements:

  • Total graduate credits – 32
  • Maximum credits in related fields – 9
  • Maximum credits in Directed Readings (SPAN 805) – 6
  • Maximum transfer credits – 6

Advanced Grammar Requirements

A candidate for a degree must pass SPAN 526 or an equivalent course with a B or better at either the undergraduate or graduate level. This equivalent course must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator.

Applied Learning

Students in the MA program in Spanish are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by successful completion of SPAN 833, SPAN 834, SPAN 835 or SPAN 836, all of which involve the application of theoretical models to literature, culture and social issues. Additionally, these courses prepare students for careers in teaching and research where knowledge is applied through pedagogy.

Related Fields

Related fields typically include another foreign language; linguistics; art; anthropology; English, American and foreign literatures; Latin American history or geography, etc. All related field courses must be approved by the chairperson of the department of MCLL or the Graduate Coordinator.

Special recommendation is made that MA candidates in Spanish earn a minimum of 4 hours of transferable credit in a university in a Spanish-speaking country.

Plan of Study

A plan of study will be completed each semester and will be submitted to Graduate School after the first completed twelve credit hours. The Graduate Coordinator will have advising hours at the end of each semester in order to prepare the plan of study with each student.


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