Translation and Interpreting 

Learn the skills to perform language services in professional settings where Spanish is used.




To complete the 12-credit-hour certificate, you’ll first need to complete the prerequisite SPAN 526.

Certificate curriculum includes:
Course Title Hours
SPAN 557 Principles of Translation and Interpreting 3
SPAN 558 Advanced Translation and Interpreting 3
SPAN 561 Practicum in Spanish for the Professions 3
SPAN 552 or SPAN 559 Business Spanish or Spanish for the Health Professions 3

An overall grade point average of at least 2.000 for all courses comprising the certificate program, and no grade below C, is required to earn the certificate.

Courses between 500-799 taken at the undergraduate level cannot be used toward the completion of a graduate certificate.


Admission to the Program


All students (native, heritage or non-native speakers) need to take an entrance test on grammar and basic translation and interpretation skills, and earn a passing grade equivalent to a 3.000.

Admission to the certificate program requires a 3.000 GPA with 1) an earned bachelor’s in Spanish or 2) another area with an advanced level of Spanish (to be determined by the program coordinator).

There are two paths to admission to the program:



Before the certificate is granted, all candidates must pass written and oral comprehensive examinations based on translation and interpretation materials. These exams cannot be taken more than twice. 


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