Summary of Course Requirements:

All human factors students are required to complete the following core curriculum
Foundations in Psychology (6 hours):
  • 904: Biological/Philosophical Foundations of Psychology (3)
  • 905: Cognitive/Learning Foundations of Behavior (3)

Research Methods (8 hours):

  • 902: Advanced Research Methods I (4)
  • 903: Advanced Research Methods II (4)

Teaching of Psychology (3 hours):

  • 911: Teaching of Psychology: Principles, Practices & Ethics (3)
Research (30 Hours Minimum):
Human Factors students are required to enroll in research hours (901 or 908) in each semester (summers excluded) throughout their graduate career.
  • 901: Predoctoral Research1 (minimum 18)
  • 908: Dissertation2 (minimum 12)
Human Factors Core Courses (13 hours):
  • 920: Psychological Principles of Human Factors (3)
  • 921: Seminar in Human Factors Psychology (3)
  • 922: Seminar in Software Psychology (3)
  • 925: Seminar in Perception (3)
  • 926: Internship3 (1)


  1. Includes a Predoctoral research project of MA thesis
  2. Doctoral Candidates will be required to complete an original research project that will be reviewed by oral examination as described in the Dissertation Oral Examination Policy.
  3. Students will be required to complete a Research Internship of one credit hour.
Electives: Ninety hours of course work are required for graduation. The student should take sufficient elective courses (901/908 may not be used for such electives) to attain this total. At least 12 elective hours, selected in consultation with the advisor, should be taken outside of the Human Factors program. The elective should lead to one or more specialties. Psy 906 and Psy 907 can be chosen as electives.
Qualifying Examinations: Students must demonstrate professional competence in major areas of specialty by earning satisfactory grades on a written comprehensive examination as described in the Department’s Policies for Qualifying Examinations. A grade of B (3.0 or better) must be earned in the Required and Methods courses before the student is eligible to TAKE Qualifying Examinations. Students are eligible for Doctoral Candidacy upon successful completion of their Qualifying Examinations.
Total minimum credit hours for Human Factors Program is 90. See the Graduate Handbook for more information.