Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the program provide financial assistance?

A: A limited number of research and teaching assistantships are available. The assistantships provide a stipend and carry some fee and tuition remission. A separate application form is required for these awards.

Q: Does the program offer a Master's Degree?

A: The Psychology Department does not offer a terminal Master's degree. After a student has successfully completed their Foundations Courses, their Research Methods Courses, Predoctoral Research, including their Second Year Project and an additional six hours, the degree of Masters of Arts will be awarded.

Q: Are students required to take Elective courses?

A: Students are to take electives both within and outside of the Psychology Department. Outside of the department, there are opportunities to take courses on many of the University's graduate programs including departments such as Computer Science, the Elliott School of Communication, Frank Barton School of Business, and the College of Engineering.

Q: What is a concentrated specialty?

A: Each student will have at least one Concentrated Specialty. This Specialty is determined by the students’ electives, chosen in consultation with the students' advisor. The intent is for the student to develop expertise in one or more specific areas such as research methodology, ergonomics, human-computer interaction, usability, etc. The specialty(ies) is declared at the time the student requests to take the Qualifying Exams.