WSU Sociology Symposium


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7th Annual Sociology Symposium

Friday, October 25th, 2019
Clinton Hall Room 107

Each year, Shocker Sociology Club and the Sociology Department team up to sponsor a symposium to showcase the sociological scholarship happening here at Wichita State. We hope you will consider submitting a proposal for a presentation.

Benefits: The Sociology Symposium is a great opportunity to present your work and to share what you have found to be most interesting and exciting. You will gain experience in public speaking, improve your presentation skills, learn from other presenters, and add a line to your resume or curriculum vita!

Possible Topics: At previous symposiums, students and faculty have presented on a number of different topics. These presentations range from norm violations completed for Intro to Sociology (SOC 111), a video created for a class on Media and Society (SOC 399), a review of existing literature on midwives, content analysis of parenting magazines, an exploration of gentrification patterns utilizing Census data, a panel on experiences conducting survey research (SOC 512), and a MA thesis on religion and health. We are interested in highlighting all kinds of research at all levels and from a range of different methods. For example, you could share your experiences from a co-op or internship you completed, your findings from a class project, a paper using library research, or a research project from a Sociology course or McNair program. [Note: you can review programs from past symposiums for further examples of presentations. Just scroll further down this page.]

Presentation Format: Typically we have participants give oral presentations that are about 10-15 minutes long and include a visual aid of some sort (power point, video, etc). Students can present individually or in a group.

How to Submit: If you are interested in presenting at our October symposium, you will submit a 200-300 summary of your project, paper, or presentation.  Your summary or abstract should include your topic and/or research questions, the method or experience (e.g. library research, survey, interviews, internship experience, class experiment, etc), and a brief preview of any findings, main themes, or insights gained.

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Submissions Due October 7th


If you have any questions, please email Dr. Jennifer Pearson (

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