MSS Presentations--Spring 2019

Matti Martin, MA candidate

Matti Martin




Jessica Schachle, MA candidate

Jessica Schachle



Brynn Thompson, MA candidate

Brynn Thompson



Jamie Wooley-Snider, MA candidate

 Jamie Wooley-Snider & Dr. Jodie Hertzog


2019 First Place  Winner of  the Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects Symposium at WSU. Shown here with her advisor and Chair of Sociology, Dr. Jodie Hertzog. 

MA Defense Presentations--Spring 2019

Nicholas Gordon


 Nicholas Gordon & Dr. Twyla Hill

 Shown here with his advisor, Dr. Twyla Hill. 

Kallie Kimble

Kallie Kimble & Dr. Chase Billingham

Photographed with Dr. Chase Billingham, her advisor.

Jessica Schachle

Jessica Schachle & Dr. Jennifer Pearson

Photographed with Dr. Jennifer Pearson, thesis advisor and Graduate Coordinator.