Located within the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the Department of Sociology offers both Bachelor's and Master's degree programs that provide students the skills necessary to study a variety of aspects of social life -- skills applicable to a broad range of careers including research, social services, business, education and healthcare -- making our students well prepared to succeed in a diverse and changing society.

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Sociology: A Foundation for your Future

Our students develop insights about the effects of social structures on individual lives, communities and the broader society, learning to use evidence-based practices to address complex social issues.  We emphasize a social justice perspective through research and teaching with a focus on economic inequality, gender, race/ethnicity and aging, as well as social institutions such as the family, education and work.

“The difficulty, in sociology, is to manage to think in a completely astonished and disconcerted way about things you thought you had always understood.”- Pierre Bourdieu