Program Mission

The mission of the Department of Sociology is to educate students in the core theoretical and methodological knowledge of the discipline, providing them with perspectives and skills that are applicable to a broad range of careers (including research, social services, business, education, and healthcare) and that prepare them to work in a diverse and changing society. The department aims to develop insights in our students about the effects of social structures on individual lives, communities, and the broader society. Our mission is achieved by emphasizing research and teaching related to economic inequality, gender, race and ethnicity, and aging as well as social institutions such as the family, education, and work. A further mission of the M.A. program in Sociology is to provide students with the methodological skills necessary for pursuing a PhD or gaining employment in a variety of applied settings.

Program Description

Sociology-the scientific study of society and human interaction-is an opportunity to learn a great deal about yourself and the society around you. The Department of Sociology at Wichita State University offers strong undergraduate and graduate programs and gives you the option to study society in general by taking one course, or in more depth by completing the 15-hour minor or the 30-hour major. The study of society mandates specific skills for interpreting information and observations. As a sociology major, you are required to take research methods, statistics and theory, plus 15 hours of electives. With this flexibility, you can select specific areas of concentration in deviant behavior, family, gender, gerontology, social organization, intimate relations, disability and medical sociology, urban sociology and others. Or you may prefer some combination of these specialties. Depending on your needs, interests and goals, you may take courses in related fields, such as social work, psychology, political science or minority studies, or in other colleges such as business or education. Sociology is an excellent general degree in the social sciences which may be tailored to your specific needs as you prepare for graduate or professional schools.


When you choose to study sociology you'll be admitted to preprogram studies in Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. You'll be assigned a faculty advisor who will help you develop your program of study. If you're still deciding on a major when you're admitted to the University, you'll be admitted to University College and will be assigned an academic advisor who will help you explore career options.

Related Opportunities

You may participate in cooperative education, internships, directed research projects, independent readings and the Honors Program. Some students are selected to work directly with faculty on research and projects of common interest. Through faculty community service, you can gain hands-on experience in social agencies, volunteering and cooperative education employment opportunities.

After Graduation

Sociology graduates are very successful in the work force after graduation. Most of our students participate in cooperative education, a program that helps you find a part-time job-with pay-in an area relevant to sociology and your interests. You earn three hours of sociology credit, build experience, and test your career choice-all before you graduate. Relevant experience increases your career options after graduation. Many times a co-op experience turns into a full-time job. About 75 percent of our BA graduates work in human service delivery, a diverse area with many opportunities.

Undergraduate Requirements


General Requirements: total hours for graduation 120 minimum, overall GPA 2.0 minimum, GPA for major 2.0.

Must have at least 30 hours, but no more than 45 hours, including:
Soc 111 Introduction to Sociology (no prerequisites)
Soc 312 Introduction to Social Research (Prerequisite is Soc 111)
Soc 501 Sociological Statistics (Prerequisites are Soc 111, Soc 312, and Math 111,
College Algebra, or another Math class for which Math 111 is a prerequisite)
Soc 512 Measurement and Analysis (Prerequisites are Soc 111, Soc 312, and Soc 501)
Soc 545 Sociological Theory (Prerequisite, at least 12 hours of Sociology)

NOTE: Up to but not more than 6 hours in related departments can count toward the major.

Pattern of Course Offerings:

Currently, Introduction to Sociology is offered in the fall, spring, and summer terms and there are several sections each term. Sociology 312 is offered in the fall and spring semesters. Sociology 501 & 545 are offered in the fall term only; while Sociology 512 is offered in the spring term. Students who have not taken College Algebra and Sociology 312, Introduction to Social Research, will not be admitted to Sociology 501, Statistics.

Finishing the B.A. in Sociology:

The typical pattern for finishing the B.A. in sociology is to take Introduction to Sociology in the freshman or sophomore year. Then, with at least three or four semesters left before graduation, take Sociology 312, preferably in the fall or spring semester of the junior year. As seniors, students take Sociology 545, Theory, in the fall semester and finish their senior year with Sociology 501, Statistics, and Sociology 512, Measurement and Analysis, consecutively. Transfer students come and see a Sociology advisor immediately.
Since this is the pattern, students who have not had Math 111 or Sociology 312, and can take these in the same semester, will need at least two more semesters to finish the B.A in Sociology.

Core Sociology Courses and Advising:

The Sociology Department believes that the required courses for the major are essential to understanding the discipline. Alternatives to these courses are never encouraged and granted only in the most exceptional circumstances. Because we care about our students and their progress, and because we do a very good job of advising, we ask that students who chose Sociology as a major begin their advising with us as soon as they know they will, or believe they might, make Sociology their home.


At least 15 hours in Sociology including:
Soc 111 Introduction to Sociology (3 hours)
plus at least 3 hours of courses numbered 500 or above.

For More Information

To receive more information or to arrange a campus visit, contact:

Office of Admissions
Wichita State University
1845 Fairmount
Wichita, Kansas 67260-0124
(316) 978-3085
Toll-free in Kansas, (800) 362-2594


Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Dr. Jodie Hertzog
408 Lindquist Hall/316-978-7155/316-978-3280