Seminar Schedule Fall 2019

Monday, 4pm to 5pm, Room 231 Hubbard Hall

Seminars are open to the public. Attendance is required for all students enrolled in Biol 497, Biol 797 and all current graduate students.

If you need additional information, please contact Dr. Tom Luhring, 316-978-3111 or


Evolutionary consequences of mitochondrial variation and other stories

26 August Daniel Moen Oklahoma State University Exploring the functional and ecological bases of variation in frog body form around the world
2 September Labor Day    
9 September John DeLong University Of Nebraska Modeling the tangled bank: eco-evolutionary dynamics in multi-species, multi-trait, non-equilibrium systems.
16 September Kiley Hicks Wichita State University Evolutionary consequences of mitochondrial variation and other stories
23 September Jessica Hite University Of Nebraska Feeding colds and starving fevers? Using theory to understand why appetites change during illness
30 September Stephen Fields Emporia State University Exploring the functions of a motorless myosin V: What can worms teach us about things we are sure of?
7 October Shab Mohammadi University Of Nebraska The evolution of toxin resistance in diverse vertebrate taxa
14 October Fall Break    
21 October Jean Phillippe Gilbert Duke University The multiple determinants of food web structure and dynamics in a changing world
28 October Ricardo Holdo University of Georgia Tree cover variation in African savannas: bottlenecks, constraints, and niche partitioning
4 November Grad Students    
11 November Laura Stein University of Oklahoma Predator-induced mechanisms shaping integrated phenotypes across timescales
18 November Grad Students    
25 November Grad Students    
2 December Stacey Lance Savannah River Ecology Lab/UGA Intraspecific variation in metal tolerance across the landscape provides insight into evolutionary responses