Seminar Schedule Fall 2020

All seminars will be hosted online via ZOOM. ZOOM details can be found at the end of the page.

Seminars are open to the public. Attendance is required for all students enrolled in Biol 497, Biol 797 and all current graduate students.

If you need additional information, please contact Dr. Mark Schneegurt , 316-978-3111 or .

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
Mark Schneegurt
Presentation Primer 
Ted Harris
Kansas Biological Survey
Non-substitutable and substitutable resource ratio theory in phytoplankton ecology: Testing theory at large-scales
Labor Day Holiday
Partha Dutta
Vascular Medicine Institute, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 
Macrophages follow the heart: myocardial infarction causes insulin resistance
Sara Baer
Ecology and Evolution, University of Kansas and KBS
Resiliency of restored grasslands to interannual variability in climate.
Franklin Champlin
Medical Microbiology, Oklahoma State University Health Sciences Center, Tulsa, OK
Mechanisms of intrinsic resistance to antibacterial agents in nosocomial Gram-negative bacteria
Jason Belden
Integrative Biology, Oklahoma State University 
The importance of detox: bee decline and evolutionary toxicology 
Nichole Barger
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado - Boulder 
Biological soil crusts inoculation strategies to restore degraded dryland soils
19-October  Rollie Clem
Biology, Kansas State University 
Barriers to arbovirus infection in mosquitoes 
Lilliam Casillas Martinez 
Departmento de Biología, Universidad de Puerto Rico-Humacao 
Fostering inclusion in microbiology for LatinX from a research lab to the classroom 
Michelle Evans-White 
Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas  
When nutrients become contaminants in detrital-based streams 


Graduate Students


Wichita State University

Jake Wright: Effects of Hydroperiod–induced Trophic Structure on Larval Amphibian Biomass (Luhring Lab) 

Ryan BriceWheat Protein-based Bio-scaffold for Neural Regeneration (Yao Lab)

Alex RatcliffeSurvival of Salinotolerant Bacteria Under the Extreme Chemical and Physical Conditions of Europa and the Icy Ocean Worlds (Schneegurt Lab)

Abby CarneyFollicle-stimulating Hormone Macroheterogeneity in Aging Male Pituitaries (Bousfield Lab)

16-November Graduate Students  Wichita State University

Morgan TribleAssessing Dung Beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Biodiversity & Impact on Ecosystem Functioning in a Rangeland Ecosystem (Jameson Lab)

Sierra Kanemoto:Testing at the Proteomic Level of the Hamster Cheek Pouch System for the Xenotransplantation of Human Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancer Tissue Samples (Hendry Lab)

Ethan CopelandUsing Time-Kill Assays to Determine Antimicrobial Synergy and Kill Kinetics against MRSA (McDonald Lab) 
30-November Graduate Students
Wichita State University

Meris CarteIsolation and Characterization of Bacteria from a Spacecraft Assembly Facility Capable of Surviving for a Six-Month Period in Enriched Brines Relevant to Mars (Schneegurt Lab)

Christine StreidResponse of Microinvertebrates to Experimental Drying (Luhring Lab)

Jacqueline BaumWhite-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Foraging Habits in Great Plains Grasslands near Wooded and Agricultural Habitat Edges (Russell Lab)

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