Introducing the Program in Local and Community History

The Local and Community History Program’s mission is to study the local area and the communities within it.  Students will take a cornerstone introductory course that highlights specific skills and research techniques. Students will take a course in either the History of Kansas or the History of Wichita as well as a specialty course or internship to deepen their skill set. The program began as a project in the Public History Program in 1988,  one of the oldest such programs in the Midwest and an early leader in the public history movement under the guidance of figures such as Hal Rothman and Rebecca Conard. Our program emphasizes the public history a key outlet for local history and our students and alums have engaged in public programs, graphic novels, consulting, documentaries, museum work, archives, historic preservation, and fundraising and development.  Towards these goals, students may also use this track in combination with other opportunities, such as museum studies and public administration courses. 

Josh Mackey at Oklahoma Baptist

"I find myself having to think strategically about raising and lowering the heat of conflict, identifying whether or not a technical solution makes sense in light of larger cultural problems, and fielding and interpreting difficult interpretations. I believe that I am better equipped to meet the challenges of my position at this museum, in large part due to that pairing of coursework, class discussion, and practical application."  Joshua Mackey, Oklahoma Baptist University Archivist and WSU Local and Community History graduate



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Check out the program's affiliated student group, the  Society of Public Historians

For more information, contact Jay M. Price at or by calling 316-978-7792.