Master of Arts in History

The Master of Arts in History at Wichita State University offers students an opportunity to pursue graduate study in an academically enriching environment. Faculty members take a personal interest in the intellectual growth of their students, and our location within the Wichita metropolitan area enables many students to complete internships with local museums, government agencies, and private foundations as part of their degree requirements.

Recipients of the MA in history from Wichita State University have been admitted into leading Ph.D. programs across the country, and they have competed successfully on the job market.




Degree Requirements

Students may follow one of three plans for a graduate degree in history: A thesis program, a non-thesis program or a program in local and community history. Please note that transfer students have to complete 15 hours of history at WSU. For frequently asked questions about classes, exams, and thesis requirements, click here. To learn more about the program, check out this video by Robert Owens on how to think through a graduate career. 

Thesis Program (31 hours)
  • HIST 725, Advanced Historical Method 3
  • HIST 727, Readings in History 3
  • HIST 729, 730, 733, 734, Seminars (3) 9
  • HIST 500 and 600 courses (4) 12
  • HIST 802, Thesis (2) 4

Note: Per graduate school requirements, at least 60 percent of hours must be taken at the 700 level or higher. At least one seminar and one lecture-based course must be taken outside of the student’s primary comprehensive field.

Non-Thesis Program (33 hours)
  • HIST 725, Advanced Historical Method 3
  • HIST 727, Readings in History (2) 6
  • HIST 729, 730, 733, 734, Seminars (4) 12
  • HIST 500 and 600 courses (4) 12

Students must pass written examinations in two comprehensive fields.

Local and Community History (34 hours)

Course                                                                                                          hrs.

  • HIST 519 Introduction to Local and Community History          3

 One course selected from the following:                                                3

  • HIST 702 Hist. Preservation
  • HIST 703 Museum Admin.
  • HIST 705 Intro. to Archives
  • HIST 803* Internship in Public History

 One course of the following:                                                                      3

  • HIST 528  History of Wichita                         
  • HIST 535  History of  Kansas

Required Courses:

  • HIST 725  Advanced Historical Methods                                     3
  • HIST 730, 733 Seminars                                                                 6
  • HIST 500- and 600-level courses                                                  12
  • HIST 802 Thesis                                                                               4

Total                                                                                                               34

* HIST 781, Cooperative Education in History, may be substituted for HIST 803 with the consent of the director of the local and community history program.

Students must pass a written examination in one comprehensive field and pass an oral examination in defense of the thesis. The written examination must precede the oral examination.


Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive exams are given in the two-week window following both fall and spring breaks. Students must utilize the Comp Exam Request Form (below) to schedule an exam. The form is due to the Administrative Assistant in the main office (Kristin) by Oct. 1 for fall semester exams, and Mar. 1 for spring semester exams.

» Comp Exam Request Form

Students must first pass a foreign language competency examination, pass a written examination in one comprehensive field and pass an oral examination in defense of the thesis. The written examination must precede the oral examination. Students may take their foreign language exam at any point prior to taking their comprehesive exams.

Graduate Program Admission

Admission to the history graduate program requires a minimum of 18 undergraduate hours in history with a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) and a 2.75 GPA in the last 60 credit hours completed. The admission process is initiated by submitting an application for admission to the Wichita State Graduate School. The WSU Graduate Bulletin describes general admission procedures. Applicants must submit a one page Statement of Purpose, and a writing sample of no more than 20 pages (both via email) to the graduate coordinator. International students are required to have a minimum TOEFL score of 600 paper-based, or 100 Internet-based, or an overall score of 7.5 on the IELTS. The application deadline for domestic and U.S. resident students for fall admission is March 1 if they would like to be considered for a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) position, August 1 for non-GTA admission, and December 1 for spring admission. For international students, the deadlines are April 1 and August 1, respectively.

Apply online

Teaching assistantships

The Department employs five graduate teaching assistants per semester. Appointments are typically made in the fall and renewed for the subsequent spring semester. TAs who perform well may re-apply and be re-appointed for a second year. To apply for a teaching assistantship, fill out the main form from the graduate school.
The form and three letters of recommendation should be sent to the History Dept.’s graduate coordinator, 1845 Fairmount St., Box 45, Wichita, KS 67260-0045. Applications should be received by the first Friday in March.

For more information please contact:
Dr. Laila Ballout, Graduate Program Coordinator