Degree Requirements

To complete the MS degree, students must earn 33 semester hours of graduate credit*, with a minimum of 24 semester hours in courses in mathematics or statistics offered by the department (exclusive of thesis) numbered 700 or above. The 33 hours must include the completion of three two-semester sequences in mathematics and/or statistics numbered 700 or above.

Students who plan to enter the PhD program in applied mathematics should include Real Analysis I and II and Numerical Linear Algebra in their MS program of study. Generally not more than six hours of approved course work may be transferred from another university. Students may take either a thesis or a nonthesis option.

Students electing to write a thesis should enroll in Math 885 for up to six hours credit. A student's program must be approved by the department. A comprehensive examination is required of all degree candidates.

* Complex and Vector Analysis for Engineers (758) and mathematics or statistics courses numbered below 600 do not count toward the 33 hours needed for the MS in mathematics.