Prerequisites Courses (MS)

The following list of courses is the minimum that the department will accept as the equivalent of an undergraduate major in mathematics” for the purposes of admission to the Master's program.

If a student has not completed all of these courses, he or she may be admitted on a conditional basis to the MS program pending completion of the remaining courses. To be considered for conditional admission the student should have completed the Calculus sequence and at least two additional courses from this list. For conditional admission a GPA of at least 3.25 in math courses and at least 3.00 for the last 60 credit hours of course work is expected. Students admitted on a conditional basis will not be eligible for financial support from the department until they have completed either Math 513 or Math 547 with a grade of B or better.

Course Course # at WSU Prerequisite
Calculus I, II, and III Math 242, 243, 344  
Introduction to Mathematical Proofs Math 415 344
Linear Algebra Math 511 243
Abstract Algebra Math 513 415 and 511
Proof-based Advanced Calculus I (or Elementary Real Analysis) Math 547 415
Numerical Methods Math 551 451(MATLAB)
Ordinary Differential Eqations Math 555 243

Most mathematics majors will have completed at least 3 or 4 more courses beyond this minimal list. Other courses recommended before beginning the graduate program are:

Course Course # at WSU Prerequisite
Calculus based Statistics Stat 571 243
Number Theory Math 615 344
Elementary Topology Math 525 415