If you are going to start taking Spanish at WSU and you don't have transfer credit in Spanish from another institution, you need to take the WebCAPE placement exam in order to qualify to register.

Basic Information about the Exam

  • You can take the test at no cost, at any time, from any computer that has internet access.
  • You can find a link to the exam by logging on to http://mywsu.wichita.edu/. The link is in the Home tab under Student Tools.

     Screenshot of Student Tools menu.

Qualifying Scores

The following table shows the qualifying placement exam scores for beginning and intermediate Spanish courses. You will be able to enroll in the course for which you qualify within a few hours of taking the exam.

Course Number

Qualifying Score

SPAN 111 0-270
SPAN 112 271-345
SPAN 210 346-427
SPAN 220 or SPAN 321 Above 427
SPAN 325 Above 427

SPAN 220, 321 and 325: If you score above 427, you can enroll in either SPAN 220, 321 or 325. The recommended sequence is to begin with SPAN 220 or SPAN 321 and continue with SPAN 325.

If you have questions about the placement exam, please contact Julie Henderson, the Departmental Undergraduate Advisor, at julie.henderson@wichita.edu.


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