2016 - 2017

Principal Investigator

Project Title

Funding Agency/Organization

He, J. The Development of User Experience Model of Information Visualization and Its Application; Youth Fund of Natural Science
Foundation of China
He, J. The Use of Head-Mounted Display and Wearable Devices in Simulator-based Pilot Training Federal Aviation Administration
Center of Excellence
He, J. CSR: Small: Surviving Cybersecurity and Privacy Threats in Wearable Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems (REU supplement) National Science Foundation
He, J. EAGER: A Cloud-assisted Framework for Improving
Pedestrian Safety in Urban Communities using Crowdsourced Mobile and Wearable Device Data
National Science Foundation
Meissen, G. J., Douglas,
J., & Nolan, T.
Research & Policy for adopting a Tobacco Free Campus Kansas Health Foundation
Ni, R. Examining the Effects of Table-Tennis Training on Visual
and Balance Functioning in Older Adults
WSU Regional Institute on Aging
Ni, R. Training Effect of UFOV and MOT in Older Adults WSU Regional Institute on Aging
Ni, R. Perceptual Learning in Driving-Related Visual
Functions among Older Adults
National Institues of Health
Suss, J. & Lewis, M. WSU Honors College Undergraduate Research Grant Wichita State University
Suss, J. & Brooks, C. Psi Chi The Intl. Honor Society in Psychology: 2016-17
Undergraduate Research Grants
Psi Chi