Please make sure you are aware of the SPTE policy for your department. For the most part, our procedures for the SPTEs are the same for everyone. Our procedure for returning results to the instructor is to mail the completed packets to the departments, and they are to give the packets to the instructor whose name is printed on the label. We do not give results out to anyone other than the instructor. If a chair or dean wants someone's results, we ask them to please get them from the instructor.

Track SPTE results over several semesters, not just one. Track using Scale Scores or the Interpretive Profile rather than Percentiles.

Only the front side of the results are appropriate for tenure, promotion, and merit raise use. The item summary is not appropriate for such use. Items have less stability, less variance and are more susceptible to chance variation.

Do not only include SPTEs for tenure, promotion or merit raises evaluations. Include other indications of your teaching such as syllabi, graded assignments, exams, reading lists, etc.