What is SPTE?

The Student Perception of Teaching Effectiveness (SPTE) is a normed based instrument which measures students' perceptions of teaching and course quality which may be used both for summative (evaluative) and formative (improvement) purposes.

SPTE is a standardized norm based factor analytic assessment of students' perceptions of teaching. Being norm based basically means your scores are compared to other instructors' scores from your university only. This gives you a "feel" of how you compare with your peers instead of how you compare with faculty from other universities.

SPTE does not claim to measure good teaching, only students' attitudes about an instructor's teaching.

SPTE corrects for two known sources of bias; (a) class size and (b) how much students wanted to take the class in the first place.

As is true for ANY student assessment instrument, your SPTE results should be used in conjunction with other evaluative methods.

**no longer in use after Spring 2023**