What is Shocker Sociology Club?

The purpose of Shocker Sociology is to inform, involve, and connect the campus community to the exploration of the underlying sociological concepts of everyday life. Anyone interested in sociology and its subfields (Aging, Family, Gender, Urban, Sexualities, Stratification, Deviance, Social Movements, etc.) is welcome to join.

Who can join Shocker Sociology Club?

All WSU students are welcome, regardless of major.

Student Leadership

Elisabeth Benteman, Sociology Graduate Student: eabenteman@shockers.wichita.edu

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Jodie Hertzog: jodie.hertzog@wichita.edu

Jodie Simon, Undergraduate Program Coordinator: jodie.simon@wichita.edu

Upcoming Events

To stay up to date on all things Shocker Sociology Club, follow our Facebook page or visit us on Instragram.