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Here is where you can find up-to-date information about the SPA Student Council (SPACO). From events, to monthly circulars, to our officer list . . . we've got it all! Be sure to check back often for new events and announcements! Don't forget to check out our WSUSPA Instagram and Twitter accounts! We also sell the only School of Performing Arts merchandise including T-shirts, stickers, and face masks, so make sure you get some for you and all your friends!

About Us

The Student Council was implemented for the School of Performing Arts in 2009 as an effort to improve the overall functionality of the School and its programs. Originally appointed by faculty and staff, students now are elected by their peers after meeting certain academic and other relevant qualifications. These students continue to serve as a vital part of the SPA, both aesthetically and socially. Students are given the opportunity to communicate with their peers and the community, as well as evaluating situations based on the visible needs of the general School of Performing Arts community.

Mission Statement:

It shall be the purpose of The School Of Performing Arts Student Council (SPACO) to create bonds within the School of Performing Arts, Wichita State University, and the surrounding communities through the use of School of Performing Arts activities, mentorship, fundraising, campus outreach, social media, and high school outreach.

Members of Council are responsible for the following, in addition to other implied responsibilities:

  • Hosting School of Performing Arts events (such as the Fall Curtain Raiser and Spring George, Dick, and Harry Awards).
  • Helping acclimate incoming students to college life in the School of Performing Arts through the "Shocks and Mini Wheats" Mentorship Program.
  • Meeting monthly to discuss events, concerns, and new ideas for the School of Performing Arts.
  • Consulting with the School of Performing Arts student body about new or recurring issues that affect both individuals and the school/programs as a whole.
  • Discussing said issues with School of Performing Arts faculty and staff as deemed pertinent to the specific concerns expressed by the student body.
  • Encouraging cross-discipline engagement by being a network of support for all School of Performing Arts Productions.

The School of Performing Arts Student Council is not responsible for:

  • Advising students of the School of Performing Arts in their academic affairs
  • Determining scholarships or funding requisition for students or faculty in the School of Performing Arts


Below you will find a list of the officers in the School of Performing Arts Student Advisory Council. If you have a concern, idea, or would like to express something about the School of Performing Arts, please feel free to contact Emily Liston (SAC President), or any of the listed affiliated students according to their academic majors: Dance, Musical Theatre, Theatre, and Design/Technology. We would love to incorporate new ideas for the upcoming Fall semester, so please, e-mail or call us! 316-978-3360


President: Jacob Kramer (BFA Musical Theatre, Dance Minor)
Vice President: Ciaran Schaedtler (BA Theatre, Political Science Minor; Audio Production Certificate, Stage Movement Certificate)
Secretary: Erin Mittman (BFA Design/Technical Theatre, Stage Management; Political Science Minor)
Treasurer: Catie Wolff (BFA Musical Theatre)
Social Media Officer: Abby Lanini (BFA Musical Theatre)
Activities Coordinator: Emily Graves (BA Theatre)
Activities Coordinator: Teagan Myers (BFA Musical Theatre, Dance Minor; Commercial Dance Certificate)
High School Outreach Coordinator: Emerson Ross (BFA Musical Theatre)
High School Outreach Coordinator: Caroline Boesen (BFA Musical Theatre, Dance Minor)
Campus Coordinator: Ashley Strella (BFA Musical Theatre, Exercise Science Minor)
Staff AdvisorStacy Salters


Events & Calendar

The School of Performing Arts Presents: The George, Dick, and Harry Awards!

The Annual "GDH Awards" are held in May of each year, at the Welsbacher Theatre! The honorees of the 2019-2020 Academic Year are:

  • Dance: Aviance Battles
  • Musical Theatre: Austin Ragusin
  • Theatre: Ciaran Schaedtler
  • Design and Technology: Jon Commons

Information about Upcoming Events:

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, our events will look different from what most of us are used to. In order to best serve our students as well as be responsible for each others health and safety, our events will either be moved online or scaled down to be in accordance with campus safety guidelines. If you are seeking more information about immediate upcoming events, please look at Newsletters below. As more become available, they will have more information about how events will be managed during these times. 

Monthly Newsletter


2020-2021 Academic Year:

September 2020

August 2020

2019-2020 Academic Year:

February 2020