Ia Hawkins

By School of Performing Arts

Spotlight Q&A

- What are you currently working on or working towards? 
Outside of school and prepping for graduation, I am currently attending the Artist Inc. Wichita workshop - an 8 week workshop that "connects artists of all disciplines to the tools, resources, and the opportunities necessary to develop their entrepreneurial skills and to strengthen their artistic practice." On May 10th, all attendees (including myself) will be presenting a Pecha Kucha workshare to the Wichita community. Kind of nervous, but excited to get this presentation done!  
Oh yes, also currently cooking a baby (due May 12!). 
- What’s your current anthem/theme song?  
Keep Moving by Jungle.
- Share a crazy/funny/embarrassing WSU story.  
Can't think of something specifically crazy/funny/embarrassing, but one thing that has been very memorable during my time at WSU was getting to take Mime (taught by Nick Johnson) alongside my husband, who at the time was a student Computer Science Major. For our final piece, we did a mime duet set to the "Up" theme song. 
- What’s your latest obsession?  
Dr. Pepper slushies from QuikTrip and any makeup from Tower 28.


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