Taylor Poling

By School of Performing Arts

Spotlight Q&A

- What are you currently working on or working towards (inside or outside of school)?  
Stage Managing RENT as well as the full 2022 Season and designing props for RENT. Also working as the Event Coordinator for the Crown Uptown. 
- What’s your current anthem?  
I AM WOMAN by Emmy Meli, and ANYTHING by Rainbow Kitten Surprise, or The Backseat Lovers. 
- Share a crazy/funny/embarrassing WSU story.  
My sophomore year roommates had a life sized cardboard cutout of Yzma from the Emperor’s New Groove in the living room.  
Also, I once ran a fan page for Millie the Millepede.  
- What’s your latest obsession?  
Redbull and Asiago Bagels from Panera!! 

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