Admissions Process

The Graduate School provides opportunities to pursue advanced study in more than 40 master's programs, 1 educational specialist program, and 12 doctoral programs – three of which are professional practice degrees. Additional professional and academic opportunities exist to pursue graduate certificates and graduate badges. Two admission statuses, degree and nondegree, are available to accommodate qualified students desiring to pursue graduate degrees as well as those simply desiring to earn graduate credit for personal and professional reasons. Students must be admitted to the Graduate School in order to receive graduate credit.

Application for graduate study is made through the Graduate School regardless of the program area desired. All applicants must submit the required Graduate School materials before the Graduate School will process the application. Program areas may also require an additional program application and additional, program-specific supporting materials. It is the applicant’s responsibility to determine what additional items may be required and submit those by the published deadlines. You can find specific program level requirements online by following the link below, and all links embedded in the step-by-step instructions.

Application requirements

Upon receipt of required application materials, your file will be reviewed to determine if you will be offered admission. Recommendations of admissibility are made at the program level - for this reason, the faculty member who serves as the graduate coordinator is often the best contact for a student who is considering graduate study. WSU's Graduate Coordinators are members of Wichita State University's Graduate Faculty and function as the liaison between the Graduate School and individual programs. When the program area has made a decision, they forward a recommendation to the Graduate School for final approval. Regardless of admission or denial, formal notification of the decision will come from the Graduate School office. The review of application materials may require several days or several weeks and sometimes longer, depending upon the review cycle of the program area and the completeness of the application materials and the number of applications received.

Because of possible limitationsin the number of faculty and available facilities, there are restrictions on the number of students admitted to some graduate programs. These limits may prevent some qualified students from being admitted.