Meet HLC Requirements to Teach College-Level Courses 

The Higher Learning Commision recently clarified the requirements college instructors needs to teach in their content area.  Wichita State University is here to help you get the graduate-level coursework you need to meet those requirements. 

What to Take:

Summer 2023 Courses:

BIOL 503 Field Botony (4 cr hours)  - starts June 5.

BIOL 640CB Field Vertebrate Zoology (4 cr hours) - starts June 19

Fall 2023 Courses (coming soon):

Fall Term Dates

Regular fall courses begin August 21.


Each course will cost $150 per credit hour ($450 for 3 credit hour course).  No student fees are required.  Students are admitted as non-degree at WSU are not eligible to receive federal financial aid. 

Becoming a WSU Graduate Student

1. Get Admitted

We've streamlined the admission process, just for you!  Simply fill out the Graduate School Application for Admission to Non-Degree Category B and Registration Form.  

To ensure you can start summer classes on time, submit your application right away.

2. Get Enrolled

The University will contact you with the steps needed for you to get enrolled. You may also reach out to Dr. Brien Bolin for assistance:

3. Get Started

Once your enrollment is complete, you'll receive an email notification with important information including your MyWSU ID and next steps.  The following items will be included in that email.

Set up WSU Account:  To set up your WSU account, please see attached directions, Instructions to Set up WSU Account. This includes your Shocker email. Your courses will be completed in Blackboard.

View Finance Account or Pay online: Once you set up your MyWSU account you can view your financial account or pay it online by visiting MyWSU and logging in.  Once you log in you will choose the myFinances Tab and in the right-hand column choose Student Account Suites. 

Order your textbooks: Course materials can be ordered through the Shocker Store.

Requesting Transcripts: Will you need to order a transcript showing completion of this coursework?  WSU transcripts may be requested in a variety of ways including: in-person, by mail, or online. There is a cost associated with ordering a transcript.  For more information, or to request a transcript, please visit   

Change of Name:  If you were a WSU student under a prior name, you were re-admitted under this name.  To properly change your name on your account, please see this link:  Name Changes  and follow the Legal Name Change Request Form  section.

Consider getting a Graduate Degree with WSU!

Are you interested in earning a graduate degree?  Please visit to explore opportunities at Wichita State University.