As a diverse and inclusive campus community, Wichita State University recognizes that its students may identify themselves by names within the campus community that are different from their legal names. A student’s name within the community will be referred to as the "myWSU Name" and may be either their legal name or a chosen first/middle name used with their legal last name. The information below provides the processes to update your legal name with the university and to add a chosen name to your record.

Legal Name 

Students seeking to have their legal name changed need to complete the Legal Name Change Request Form and bring it to the Registration window in the Office of the Registrar, Jardine Hall, Room 102. We will also accept the completed form and/or copies of the legal documentation sent from the student's email to Copies of legal documentation must be notarized when sending a Legal Name Change Request Form via email. We will not accept this paperwork via fax. Two documents must accompany the completed form:

  1. Legal Name Change official documentation (e.g., name change court order, marriage license, divorce decree)
  2. Government-issued photo ID with new name (e.g., driver’s license, state identification card, passport)

Students that are unable to come to campus may mail the Legal Name Change Request Form to:

Wichita State University
Office of the Registrar
1845 Fairmount, Campus Box 58
Wichita, KS 67260

The following items must be included for Legal Name Change Requests submitted by mail:

  1. Legal Name Change Request Form (must be notarized) 
  2. Copy of updated driver's license or passport with new name
  3. Copy of the legal document that changed your name (e.g. marriage license, divorce decree, court order, naturalization papers, etc.) (must be notarized)

Chosen Name 

Students seeking to add a chosen name to their record should visit the Office of the Registrar in Jardine Hall, Room 102. Chosen first and middle name will be used with legal last name. A chosen name request/change can be made no more than twice per academic year and only one chosen name will be kept in the Student Information System. Students will be given the option for a revised email address when they submit a chosen name request.

Students must fill out a Chosen Name Request/Change Form and present a copy of their photo ID.  A student must be enrolled to add a chosen name to their record.

We will also accept the completed Chosen Name Request Form, accompanied with a copy of the student's photo ID, sent from the student's email to

WSU will utilize chosen name as a student’s myWSU Name in any system where it is feasible to do so. Certain University systems, records and communications require the use of a legal name for University business needs and/or legal requirements. Instances in which a Chosen Name or Legal Name may be used include, but are not limited to, the following:

Chosen Name Legal Name
Banner Class Roster Communications with the “Family of…” including outbound call and mail campaigns
Blackboard LMS Diplomas (unless otherwise requested)
Degree Works Enrollment and Degree Verification

Diplomas (if specifically requested)

Financial Aid Documentation/Processes

EAB Navigate

Official Lists Made Available to the Public

myWSU Portal and Banner Self-Service

Official Employment Records (employment eligibility, payroll documents, etc.)

OneStop Incoming Call Assistance

Reporting to State/Federal Agencies

Residence Hall Roster


Shocker ID Card

Any other instance where the Legal Name is required by University need, University policy, or law

Students are encouraged to read the complete myWSU Name Guidelines for full details regarding the use of chosen and legal names. Questions regarding name usage should be directed to the Office of the Registrar at 316-978-3090.