Policies for Use of Classrooms and Conference Rooms in Ahlberg Hall

Policy Statement:

The College of Health Professions hereby sets forth the following policies regarding the assignment, use of, and behavior in classrooms and conference rooms in Ahlberg Hall. These policies provide standard guidelines to facilitate space assignment needs for classes and meetings.

Room Assignment Changes:

  • Course instructors or meeting coordinators may not change room assignments without prior approval by the Dean's Office, the University Registrar, or the OTS.
  • Assignments of conference rooms and classrooms are based on class quotas, projected attendance, equipment and internet access needs, availability, and when possible, instructor or user preference.

For questions or concerns regarding room assignments, contact the CHP Dean's Office (Ext. 3600).

General Room Usage Rules of Conduct:

  1. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of Ahlberg Hall.
  2. Food and drink are allowed in classrooms and conference rooms at the discretion of the instructor/meeting coordinator as long as users monitor the rooms at the end of each session and leave rooms clean and neat.
  3. Users are responsible for cleaning up spills, trash, food crumbs, etc., and for informing the Dean's Office or the OTS staff immediately of any food- or drink-related problems in the rooms.
  4. No food or drink is allowed in the OTS Study Lab or Computer Classroom (Ahlberg Hall 100 and 100A).
  5. Furnishings and equipment are not to be moved from one classroom or conference room to another.
  6. If it is necessary to temporarily borrow furnishings or equipment, the instructor/meeting coordinator has a responsibility to ensure that the furnishings and/or equipment are returned to the proper room at the end of the class session or meeting.
  7. The course instructor/meeting coordinator has responsibility for arranging in advance for needed equipment from the WSU Media Resources Center or the CHP OTS to be delivered to the classroom/conference room for the class or meeting, and for ensuring that the equipment is properly secured and/or returned after the class session or meeting ends.
  8. If assigned rooms are not furnished or equipped consistent with instructor needs for course content, the instructor is to advise Dean's Office, who will attempt to reassign the course to another room satisfactory to the instructor.
  9. If another room is not available in Ahlberg Hall, the instructor may choose to remain in the original room and accommodate to the existing furnishings and equipment or, through the Dean's Office and the University Registrar, seek assignment to another room elsewhere on campus.
  10. Equipment and furnishings in conference rooms and classrooms must not be abused, misused, or treated in any fashion which will cause harm to the equipment or furnishings.
  11. Any person intentionally harming equipment or furnishings in classrooms, conference rooms, or other CHP facilities will be held liable for damages and will be subject to disciplinary action.
  12. Conference room/classroom furnishings and equipment are not to be moved into private offices or other areas and may not be removed from the building without prior consent from the Dean's Office.