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Plan ahead and be flexible!  While we attempt to offer these popular courses at regular intervals, we cannot guarantee that a specific course will be offered. Seating is also limited to 25 students for most courses. A grade of C (2.000 points/credit hour) or better is required in all prerequisite courses to enroll in the next level course.

Please review the general advising information below first, then contact the department at if you have further inquiries.

ASL Courses  | Foreign Language Requirement 
Sign Language Interpreter Certification 

Note: The Department of CSD does not provide interpreters or interpreting services. The general public may try contacting Wichita company, Sign Language Interpreting Services (SLIS), at 316-773-7446. WSU faculty, staff and students may contact Office of Disability Services for course support assistance.

General Advising Information

Please follow the steps outlined below to enroll in Signed Language courses.

General enrollment information applies to all students taking ASL courses - from those enrolling in the foundational courses to prepare for interpreting certification, to majors in other areas (whether on a degree path or not), to the public person seeking to take as personal development.

Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) students must first contact the LAS Advising Center for further requirements and to obtain approval for the foreign language exemption and/or the Minor in Signed Languages.

Students with a background in ASL may request Credit by Exams for some courses - see information under ASL Courses below.

Getting started in Signed Language courses

While WSU does not have a certificate in Signed Languages, we do offer a minor and the foundational courses for those planning to obtain interpreter certification.

Enrollment Steps

Step 1: Enroll at WSU.

    • Contact WSU Undergraduate Admissions. Their number is 316-978-3085.
    • They will be able to assist you with registration, fee payment, etc. if needed.

Step 2: You may enroll in ASL 1 (CSD 270) with no special intervention; just admission to the university.

    • Choose a section of ASL 1 from the WSU Schedule of Courses
      (Signed language courses are listed under CSD; so for this example, in the "Subject" field enter: CSD; then in the "Course number" field enter: 270).
    • Summer/Fall schedules are available around early March; Spring around mid-October.

Step 3: Once enrolled, follow the same curriculum as CSD Minor in Signed Languages sequence.

    • LAS students: If you are requesting ASL as an exception for the Foreign Languages Requirement, make sure to contact LAS Advising for their additional requirements: 316-978-3700 or email

Additional information on ASL course sequence:

Students do not have to be on a degree path to take ASL courses; it is possible to take just one or two classes for personal development. However, as stated previously, the sections fill up very quickly and they are only available for college credit. They are not available as "audit" courses, so students must be accepted to WSU and pay all university and course related fees.  

  • Review each of the course descriptions first, as that can help you figure out a plan. Visit the Minor in SL page and click on the underlined course numbers for that information.
  • Most upper-level courses require (or are highly suggested to have) successful completion of 370 first. Then most students will start adding elective options after that course is completed. 
  • 490D and 520: Both require 370 as a pre-req. 520 can be concurrent with 370, but you need to contact the office to request an override in that situation.
  • 518: Students should successfully complete 270 (at minimum) before enrolling in this course.
  • 740C: Students should successfully complete 370 before enrolling in this course. Students who have only taken 270 should not expect to do as well in this graduate-level course unless they have some additional ASL background.

Helpful links and information

Tuition and Fees (Registrar)

WSU UG Admissions Tuition and Fees (includes cost calculator)

Community resources - please contact us for further information at

View WSU Catalogs for course descriptions.
Signed language courses are listed under the College of Health Professions, then
Communication Sciences and Disorders.

American Sign Language (ASL) Courses

Wichita State University offers the following courses in ASL:
(Note: Sections of ASL I - IV and Deaf Culture are typically offered every semester. Other section offerings are as noted below.)

CSD 270 American Sign Language I

CSD 370 American Sign Language II

CSD 470 American Sign Language III

CSD 480 American Sign Language IV

CSD 518 Deaf Culture 

CSD 520 ASL: Nonverbal Communication (fall, spring)

CSD 740C Selected Topics in American Sign Language (offered when instructor available - usually spring, summer)

(CSD 490D - Signed Language Interpreting may be offered, but only when an instructor is available - usually fall, spring) 

Students with previous ASL experience may request to take CSD 270, 370, 470, 480 and/or 740C by examination. Contact the department at for Credit by Examination Procedures. Cost is $50 per exam (subject to change).

There is also a Minor in Signed Languages option available for WSU students. Please visit the CSD Bachelor of Arts (BA) page for more information.

Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) student notice:
Please call 316-978-3700 or email before pursuing the Minor in Signed Languages. LAS students must take one additional course beyond the Foreign Language Requirement sequence, in order to obtain the minor. 

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Foreign Language Requirement

All students who are working towards a degree outside of the College of Health Professions must ask their college for permission if they wish to use American Sign Language courses to fulfill the foreign language requirement. Contact your college's advising office for instructions on the exceptions process. 

  • The LAS exceptions form and course sequence details are available here: Petition to Use ASL to Fulfill Foreign Language Requirement 
  • LAS students seeking this exception should have the form approved prior to enrolling in ASL courses.
  • Consult with your advisor when other foreign language coursework is being used for your degree. LAS students call 316-978-3700 or email for questions and next steps. 

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Sign Language Interpreter Certification

WSU does not offer an interpreter certificate program. We do offer foundational courses to get students started on the path to becoming a certified interpreter.
NOTE: The CSD Minor in Signed Languages is not an interpreter certificate program, but it is a good start on this path. Additional requirements are needed before you can take the state test and become certified as an interpreter. Please contact KCDHH below for more information.

The Kansas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH) is the agency responsible for the registration of sign language interpreters in the state of Kansas. Please contact them directly at 1-800-432-0698 for further requirements regarding certification.

All working interpreters, regardless of experience, must be registered with KCDHH and hold one (or more) of the following certifications:

(KCDHH will recognize BEI certification that has been earned since January 1, 2015, and is at the Advanced or Master level.)

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