Getting Credit for Past Experience

WSU's Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures offers two ways for students to earn credit for their past language learning experiences: Credit by Exam and Retrocredit.

Credit by Exam

Students may earn credit for previously unrecognized study of a language through Credit by Exam (CrE). Available CrE courses include foundational, conversation, and grammar courses. Some higher-level classes may be available for CrE under certain circumstances. All CrE testing is subject to MCLL approval. Have questions? FAQs about Credit by Exam. Students who have taken previous language courses in an American high school are encouraged to pursue the option of Retrocredit rather than CrE.


WSU students may qualify to earn credit for previous world language experience. Language learning in courses prior to entering college, including high school language experience, can be validated by earning a grade of C or better in a WSU language course or courses beyond the first course in that language. The credit earned by validation of previous experience is called Retroactive Credit. Eligibility details and applications are available at LAS Advising Center.


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