1. I want credit for the language classes I took in an American high school. Should I attempt CrE?     

Probably not. Contact LAS Advising in Grace Wilkie Hall for details on our retrocredit option.      

2. I am a native speaker and/or have studied or lived abroad. May I take a CrE test?

Yes. You may be eligible for some CrE. Talk to a language-specific faculty member to select the tests to take.

3. I am a heritage speaker of Spanish. I speak Spanish at home but have never taken a formal class. Is CrE right for me?

Maybe. You’ll need to speak to a Spanish faculty member to determine the appropriate test.

4. I took a language class at WSU, but failed it or didn’t like my grade. May I attempt CrE?

 No. You are not allowed to take a CrE for credit in any course in which you have previously enrolled unless you received a W for the course. You may, however, retake the course itself to replace the original grade.

5. I have been successful in a CrE test for intermediate or advanced classes. May I now take CrE for a foundation-level class (111/112/210)?

No. Once you have earned credit for higher level courses, you cannot go back to attempt CrE for earlier levels.


How much does a CrE test cost?

The CrE fee is $50.00 per test and must be paid in advance of scheduling the CrE test. 


2. I took a CrE test, but I didn’t pass. May I retake the test?

No. You are allowed only one test attempt per course.

3. How will my test results be posted on my transcript?

The grade recorded for CrE is TCrE. It is recorded as transfer credit because it is credit for learning that did not occur through enrollment in a WSU course.

4. How will I know if I passed the CrE test?

Make arrangements with the faculty member at the time of the test to get your results. You can also check your transcript online to verify the posting of positive results. Due to privacy concerns, this information cannot be provided by email or telephone..

Updated June 2020


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