General Undergraduate Advising

You should meet with an advisor early in your college career to discuss your academic goals, and for short- and long-range planning of your class schedules and graduation plans. Be sure to update your plan at least once per year.

We recommend that you periodically run Degree Works, available on the Home tab on the MyWSU portal, to track your progress and before you meet with the MCLL undergraduate advisor.

  • MCLL majors and minors need to meet with our undergraduate advisor, Julie Henderson.
  • Native and heritage speakers (learn the difference here) of any of the world languages offered at WSU should contact our undergraduate advisor, Julie Henderson, or an MCLL faculty member prior to their first enrollment.
  • LAS students should contact advisors at the LAS Advising Center for advice on general education classes and general university requirements. 
  • Career counseling is also available through LAS Advising or Career Development Center.

For specific advising questions please contact Julie Henderson ( or a faculty member on the MCLL faculty contact list.


Attention Seniors!

The Application for Degree (AFD) is offered only online.

All new AFDs will be accepted only through the link in the myWSU portal under Student Resources (Graduation Links):